City Auditor's Office organization

The City Auditor's Office is independent of City Administration and reports directly to Council via Audit Committee. The foundation of the City Auditor’s Office is the professional skills and knowledge of the staff. To run effective audits, advisory projects and investigations, a range of professional designations enhances the team’s effectiveness.

Terms of reference

NEW Bylaw 30M2004 and the City Auditor’s Office Charter together make up the terms of reference governing the independence and authority of the City Auditor’s Office.



Organization chart

City of Calgary organization chart

Audit Committee

The City Auditor is subject to the supervision of and accountable to Council, and reports to Council through Audit Committee.

The Audit Committee provides the CAO an annual budget, as approved by Council, which supports a professional staff, and resourcing to support the efficient delivery of the approved plan.

NEW Audit Committee Bylaw 33M2020