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Disposal options for commercial waste items

Below we have resources to help you find the right way to properly and safely dispose of your commercial waste.

  • How to find a hauler or collection company
  • City of Calgary landfill services for businesses
  • Disposal options for common waste items
  • Instructions for special items (asbestos, paint, clean fill, electronics)
  • Industrial waste permits and disposal instructions

Business waste diversion requirements in Calgary

As of November 1, 2017, businesses and organizations in Calgary must have diversion programs in place for waste materials created by your operations, customers, members, employees and volunteers.

To learn more, visit Business Waste Diversion Program.

Looking for a collection company?

In Calgary, you can also choose your waste collection company.

For private collection options, check out the Green Calgary's directories for recycling haulers or organics collection companies.

The City of Calgary also offers commercial garbage, recycling, and food and yard waste collection services for Calgary businesses and organizations.

If you already have City of Calgary service or are interested in our services, see Calgary Commercial Waste Collection Services.

Landfill services for businesses

Businesses can bring commercial amounts of garbage and certain source-separated materials for recycling or diversion to select City landfills.

To learn more about what services are offered for commercial customers and where they are available, visit Landfill Services for Business.

See our Landfill Hours and Locations and Landfill Rates​.


Disposal options for common waste items

Businesses and organizations often have large amounts of waste.

Find disposal instructions for large volumes of common business items like batteries, construction and demolition materials, asphalt and more.

See Disposal Instructions for Common Business Waste.

Special business waste items

Find instructions for how to dispose of commercial quantitities of special items like industrial waste, asbestos, clean fill (dirt), electronics and paint.

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