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EnviroSite is a property report showing a historical list of commercial and industrial users occupying a site, including the years of operation and the types of use. The report also provides the titles and author/publisher of any environmental assessment reports that have been written and submitted to The City of Calgary. Included with the searched address, EnviroSite also shows this same information for adjacent properties, within 100 metres of the site. If petroleum tanks had been used on the primary site prior to 1996, the report will confirm the number of known tanks.

The EnviroSite report is a compilation of known information from The City of Calgary Environmental & Safety Management business unit. It is not a complete Environmental Site Assessment, and does not replace the services provided by a qualified Environmental Consultant. What EnviroSite provides is a starting point for collecting and investigating the environmental state of a property.

EnviroSite is available for purchase through City Online. The report may also purchased from participating registry offices, or through an Environmental Consultant. Consult a telephone directory for a list of available registry offices and environmental consultants.

How to Use

EnviroSite helps buyers, sellers, and financers of commercial lands to better understand a property's environmental condition.

The formal Environmental Site Assessment process may be required when developing commercial or industrial lands. For more information on the Environmental Site Assessment process is available from the Environmental & Safety Management business unit.

Note that EnviroSite is not an environmental site assessment. Information from EnviroSite may be used to create an environmental site assessment report; however other information will also be needed.

Accessing environment reports and other sources

The environmental reports referenced in EnviroSite are not included with your purchase. The author and/or owner of the reports can be approached to obtain them. Alternatively, a request to obtain the documents under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP) could be made to Alberta Environment, the Calgary Health Region and/or The City of Calgary. Other sources of environmental site information should be considered in your research including Alberta Environment, the Calgary Health Region, the Calg​ary Fire​ Department, and Waste & Recycling Services.

Environmental consultant services

The environmental consultant industry provides professional services for assessment and remediation of land. Many of the environmental reports listed in EnviroSite were written by Environmental Consultants, and were commissioned by property owners, the Province, or The City of Calgary.

After you have purchased your EnviroSite report, you may need additional research on the site if you're planning a redevelopment. You can find a listing of environmental consultants in the telephone or business directories. For more information about accessing environmental reports identified by EnviroSite, contact the publisher of the report

EnviroSite Map

Included with the EnviroSite report is a colour line map of the site. The map provides over 30 property features including landfill information within 100 metres of the searched property.


The information provided in the EnviroSite report is very different than other City Online products. Here's a brief glossary of the common terms:

Environmental reports

The EnviroSite report provide a list of known Environmental Assessment reports and studies for the primary and adjacent properties. These reports are the property of the consultants who wrote them, and the property owners who commissioned them.

Phase I/II Environmental Site Assessments

These are specific Environmental Site Assessment reports that document the potential and actual environmental contamination concerns for a site. These reports are generated by qualified environmental consultant professionals. More information on these reports is available from Environmental & Safety Management.

Remedial Action Plans and Risk Management Plans

Other types of Environmental Site Assessment reports which may be provided by EnviroSite that were created to address identified contamination on a site.

EnviroSite map

The EnviroSite map provides more than thirty property features. Most of the features don't need explanations. Here is a glossary for the environmental-related features.

100m buffer

The report and map provide environmental information within 100m of the searched property's boundaries.

Landfill setback

Landfill setbacks are restrictions for property development near landfills. For certain types of development, active landfills have a 450m setback distance and inactive landfills have a 300m setback distance. For more information on landfill setback, visit the Waste & Recycling Services: Development Permit Review & Requirements or call 311 or (403) 268-2489 from outside of Calgary.

Landfill boundary

The landfill boundary represents the property line for known active face of a landfill site, as well as inactive landfill sites.


EnviroSite Report Breakdown

Take a closer look that the information provided by the EnviroSite report. The information provided will vary depending on the details of the site and what information is known by The City of Calgary. In some cases, your search may reveal that there is no information for that property on file with The City of Calgary. Knowing that there is no information for the property is valuable, and is not a result of an error while searching within the City Online system.

The following are brief descriptions of the fields in the report. Click on 'view a sample' to see samples of an actual EnviroSite report.


Query Sample
Query information
The first section of the EnviroSite report provides information about your search, including who completed the search, folio, the date it was performed, the request number, and the address used to make the query.

Environmental reports
EnviroSite provides the titles, authors, clients, and publication dates for environmental site assessment reports know by and submitted to The City of Calgary.


Petroleum tank report

Petroleum Storage Tanks

The City of Calgary purchased historical underground petroleum tank data from the Petroleum Tank Management Association of Alberta. As already mentioned this data is historical and only provides the number of known tanks on or before 1996.




map sample

EnviroSite map

EnviroSite (both the basic and premium) include a map drawing of the searched site. This map is similar to City Online's MapView with the addition of landfill information for the searched property plus the adjacent properties which are within 100 metres of the search address boundaries. Visit the EnviroSite glossary for definitions of the terms used in the map.