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Council policies

The Council Policy Library is an on-line resource of existing Council policies.

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Acceptable Use of City Technology Resources-Members of Council
Approval of City of Calgary Senior Management Compensation​
Assistants Severance Policy    
Bicycle Policy
Budget Reporting Policies   
Budgeting and Accounting-Office of the Councillors
Calgary Civic Arts Policy    
Calgary Corporate Accessibility Policy
Calgary Heritage Strategy and Policy
Calgary Parking Policies
Calgary Sister Cities
Calgary Transportation Plan and Policies
Centre City Plan
Civic Census Policy
Civic Recognition on the Death of a Current or Former Member of Council
Code of Conduct for Citizen Members Appointed to Council Established Boards, Commissions and Committees
Communication Research and Office Support Policy-Ward Budget-Office of the Councillors
Community Capital Conservation Grant
Community Services Program Policy
Complete Streets Policy
Corporate Facility Planning and Delivery Policy
Corporate Fuel Management Policy
Council Orientation Policy
Council Policy Program
Council Strategic Initiative Fund Guidelines
Council to Cover Expenses of Prospective FCM Directors
Councillor Assistants and Staff Parking and Travel Plan Policy
Councillor Attendance at Quebec Carnival and Grey Cup
Councillors Assistants Policy
Councillors' Expenses- Out of Town Travel Policy
Councillors' Expenses/Allowances Policy
Cultural Landscape Policy
Dangerous Goods Route Network Development Policy
Debt Policy
Disclosure Policy for Members of Council
Elected Officials Benefit Pension Policy
Engage Policy
Enhanced Maintenance Agreement and Infrastructure Agreements
Environmental Development Review Policy
Family and Community Support Services
Festival and Event Policy
Fiscal Stability Reserve
Flag Policy
Franchise Fee/MCAF Revenue Budgets and Variances
Governance and Appointments of Boards, Commissions and Committees
Governance Structure Office of the Councillors
Greater Prince's Island Park Master Plan
Griffith Woods Natural Environment Park Management and Policy
High Load Truck Route Network Development Policy
Indemnification of Council Citizen Appointments to Council
Indemnification of Members of Council
Indigenous Policy
Information Management and Computer Resources
Integrated Risk Management Policy
Integration of Emergency Services

Investing in Partnerships Policy

Investment and Governance Policy

Learning and Development Policy for Councillors
Lease Policy for Non-Profit Organizations in City-Owned Buildings Intended for Future Demolition
Lease/License of Occupation to Community Organizations
Members of Council Remuneration Policy
Multi-Year Business Planning and Budgeting Policy
Municipal Complex Commemoration Policy
Municipal Development Plan
Municipal Naming, Sponsorship and Naming Rights Policy
Non-Market Housing Land Disposition Policy
Non-Profit Tax Mitigation Policy
Office of the Councillors Expenditure Authorization Policy
Office of the Councillors Work Experience Policy & Agreement
Oil, Gas and Aggregate Extraction Policy  
Open Space Plan Policy
Parks Foundation, Calgary Investment Policy
Parks Urban Forest Strategic Plan
Pedestrian Policy
Pest Management Policy
Plain Language Policy
Plaque Policy
Policy on Regional Water, Wastewater and Stormwater Servicing
Policy to Alleviate Funding Shortfalls
Posting Councillor Ward Budgets and Expenses Policy

Procedures for Disposing of Surplus School Sites and Facilities Policy

Proclamations and Letters of Recognition Policy

Professional Services over $250,000 - Circulation to Council Members
Public Art Policy
Public Notice and Legal Advertising Policy
Public Use Policy
Public-Private Partnerships (P3) Policy
Recognitions by Council
Recordings of Legislative Meetings Policy
Records Management Policy for Councillors
 Related Party Disclosure Policy for Members of Council​​
Reporting Policy for Council Members Attending FCM and AUMA Annual Conferences
Residential Street Design Policy
Roadside Memorials Policy
Roundabout Policy
Scholarship Program
Slope Adaptive Development Guidelines Policy
Slope Stability Management Policy
Snow and Ice Control Policy
​Social Wellbeing Policy
Source Water Protection Policy
Sport for Life Policy
Streetlight Standards and Sign Poles - Colour of Paint Policy
Surface Transportation Noise Policy
Sustainable Building Policy
Sustainable Environmental and Ethical Procurement Policy
Swearing In Ceremony
Telecommunication Antenna Structures on Municipal Property
The City of Calgary Wetland Conservation Plan and Policy
The City of Calgary's Environmental Policy
The Urban Park Master Plan And Policy
Traffic Calming Policy
Transit Oriented Development Policy Guidelines  
Transparency and Accountability Policy
Transportation Corridor Study Policy
Triple Bottom Line Policy  
Truck Route Network Development Policy
User Fees and Subsidies Policy
Ward Boundary Determination and Review
Water Management Strategic Plan
Welcoming Community Policy
Whistle Blower Policy
White Hat Presentation Policy