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Applying for a job online: step-by-step guide

Are you an external applicant who wants to apply for a City of Calgary position? Follow these instructions.

Viewing jobs

  1. Visit and review the existing job postings.
  2. Choose an area of interest and click on the job title. This will open up a new browser tab.
  3. Return the the careers page by selecting the previous browser tab to view other jobs.

Applying for a job

If you have already applied for a job with The City of Calgary and have an account set up, please proceed to step 5. 

  1. Click log in/search jobs and select new user.
  2. Complete all the required fields. (Note: as a security feature the password you enter will appear as three black dots).
  3. Click view terms and conditions.
  4. Once you have successfully registered you will be brought redirected to the main menu where you can apply for jobs, view your saved job applications, and update your account information.
  5. Click log in/search jobs and select sign in.
  6. View latest jobs.
  7. Click the job you are interested in.
  8. Click apply for job.
  9. Read the privacy statement, qualifications, and applicant declaration.
  10. Agree to the terms and conditions.
  11. Click next and then attach your resume.
  12. Upload your saved resume (in MS Word, PDF or plain text format) from your computer.
  13. Attach cover letter (recommended).
  14. Select your saved cover letter.
  15. Select next and then complete the job questionnaire.
  16. Review your application and click submit to complete the process.

Please note: once you click submit you cannot make changes to your application.

Are you having difficulties applying for a job? Contact Human Resources

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