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Business Internship and Co-op Program

Are you looking to develop your skills and apply what you have learned in a fast-paced, flexible work environment with competitive compensation, superb benefits and many opportunities for advancement?

Business Internship or Co-op Student Program integrates academic study with challenging, professional work experience. Work terms can range in length from four months to greater.

Being an intern with The City of Calgary in summer 2011 was a critical turning point in my burgeoning career – I simultaneously gained credits towards graduation, expanded my skill set beyond what was possible through pure course work, and made connections that ultimately resulted in post-graduation employment with The City of Calgary. Ylanos Sansone, Customer Service & Communications​

​​​When are positions available?

Co-op and internship positions are posted throughout the year on City of Calgary’s Career Opportunities web page, and at selected post-secondary institutions. 

2018 opportunities will be limited, given the current economic climate and The City’s intentional management practices for hiring.​​​​​