Pre-Employment Drug Testing Program

​The safety of employees, the public, property and the environment is a priority in delivering services to Calgarians. An external candidate who applies for a safety sensitive position must pass a pre-employment drug test before they can be employed with The City.

A safety sensitive position is one where impaired performance could result in a significant incident affecting the health and safety of employees, the public, property and/or the environment. There are hundreds of positions at The City that have been identified as safety sensitive positions.

Who is required to take a pre-employment drug test?

Applicants to safety sensitive positions who:

  • are not currently employed with The City, and
  • have been identified as the top candidate through the recruitment process,
  • are individuals who have rehire rights.*

*Note: Employees who have obtained recall rights are not required to take a pre-employment drug test.

Does this apply to all competitions for safety sensitive positions?

Applicants who apply for positions which require a polygraph test, such as some members of the Calgary Police Service, Public Safety & Communications and the Calgary Fire Department, are not required to take a pre-employment drug test.

How does it work?

All job postings for safety sensitive positions will clearly state that successful applicants must pass a pre-employment drug test before they can be employed.

During the employment interview, if you are not currently employed with The City, hiring managers will re-state that a pre-employment drug test must be successfully completed by the successful applicant.

A third-party vendor administers the pre-employment drug testing program on behalf of The City of Calgary. Once the successful applicant passes their pre-employment drug test, a final offer of employment can be made.​

What does an applicant require to complete a pre-employment drug test?

  • The applicant is required to provide their primary phone number and email address on their resume or application so they can be contacted to schedule the PEDT appointment.
  • To complete the PEDT itself, the applicant is required to have at least one piece of government issued photo identification when they are at the appointment.
  • If the applicant is under the age of 18, they will be provided with a Parental Consent Form which must be completed prior to attending the PEDT appointment.

Where can I find more information?

For more information about the Pre-Employment Drug Testing Program (PEDT) or PEDT requirements, please contact HR Support Services at (403) 268-5800.