First winter in Calgary

First winter in Calgary

Tips and resources for your first Canadian winter

Winter in Canada can be different compared to other countries. A Canadian winter can be fun and beautiful. But it can also be cold and challenging.

Here are some tips and resources to help prepare you and your family for your first winter in Calgary.

During winter it is important to:

  • Clear snow from roadways and sidewalks to help yourself and others travel or commute safely in cold weather.
  • Prepare your home and car for the winter conditions.
  • Know what to do when your car is stuck in cold weather.
  • Avoid cold-related illness and injury for your family’s health and safety.
  • Understand emotional challenges during the winter.
  • Access clothing, food, shelter and transportation when needed.
  • Explore winter activities, and  
  • Know who to contact during emergencies. 


Winter resources

Extreme cold

winter bus

Winter weather preparedness includes staying warm and healthy during low temperatures. It also includes shoveling snow and maintaining your home.

Warm clothing

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Proper winter clothing helps prevent illness and frostbite. Find free or subsidized winter clothing if you need help.

Food support

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Food is an important way to stay warm and celebrate traditions during the holiday season. Learn where you can access food if you need help.

Emergency shelter

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Safe and warm shelter access that can accommodate individuals or families during winter months. Try these resources if you need assistance:

Winter transportation

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Getting around Calgary safely and preparing for the weather are important. This includes:

Mental health supports during winter

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First winters and adjusting to cold and darker days can be challenging. Find resources for mindfulness and managing seasonal effective disorder (less access to the sun which can make people feel down) are available.

Winter activities and events

winter activities

Winter is part of our Calgary culture. Explore your city and enjoy all of the fun Explore your city and enjoy all of the fun outdoor activities Calgary has to offer.


winter activities

Winter is a great opportunity to help others. Learn about winter volunteer opportunities

Emergency support

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For individual, family, or local emergency situations, know who to call.

Find mental health and addictions support.

Alberta Health Services options.