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Additional Safety Measures Coming to Calgary’s Transit System

With the work-from-home orders recently lifted by the provincial government, Calgary Transit is taking additional measures to enhance safety for everyone who commutes by transit as more Calgarians return back to the office. 

As you may have seen on the news - or in some cases, witnessed firsthand - Calgary has experienced an increase in social disorder on the transit system during the pandemic as there were fewer passengers and more opportunities for misdeeds. I am hearing from many residents on the impact seen at various bus shelters / LRT stations, including Crowfoot Station.

I recently met with Calgary Transit to express my concerns and soon after we were notified that more Calgary Transit Peace Officers, Bylaw Officers, uniformed security guards, and members of the Calgary Police Service will be added across the transit system. Their presence will continue to increase through the week. Ambassadors will also be deployed at some station entrances, asking riders to show their proof of fare payment. Extra staff will be deployed to help monitor security cameras and stay in contact with peace officers and other emergency responders. These enhanced measures will stay in place for several weeks as more return to their workplaces.

The City recognizes that the root causes of social disorder are complex and extend beyond the transit system. Addressing this issue will require ongoing support from many sectors, such as working with the Downtown Outreach Addictions Partnership (DOAP) Team, grassroots outreach teams, and emergency shelter providers to help those in need access support services.

How to Report Safety Concerns

If you see something, say something. There are many ways to report a safety concern:

  • To the bus or CTrain operator, uniformed peace officer or law enforcement authorities;
  • Transit Watch text line 74100 (a discreet method that will put customers in touch directly with Calgary Transit);
  • Through the help phones located on CTrain stations, platforms and MAX Purple stations;
  • By phone at 403-262-1000, option 1; or
  • For emergencies, always call 9-1-1.

For more information on security measures implemented for Calgary Transit riders, please visit:

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