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Ward 2 - Jennifer Wyness

Telus PureFibre Program Update

As you may have noticed this week, Telus crews have been out and about in Ward 2 to complete installations of their fibre-optic network (PureFibre). Construction started last year during the months of March to November, but due to the early onset of cold weather, some installations had to be paused.

For areas that had construction activity in 2021 and is carrying over into 2022, Telus teams are currently assessing all of these locations that require restoration, which in many parts of Calgary, has already commenced. Construction work includes excavation in the roadway and on public property to install cables and infrastructure, typically during the hours of 7am – 7pm.

There will not be any work performed on the resident’s private property unless it is within the City of Calgary Right of Way (Utility Right of Way and Road Right of Way). It is only after a resident has signed a permission form that TELUS would extend the fibre cable to their house for Purefibre services. Learn more at

Once temperatures allow for better grass growth (between 15 and 20 degrees Celsius), Telus will be hydroseeding to complete the restoration work where excavation was done last year. All excavations are expected to be restored by the end of May.

I have heard from residents on specific questions regarding the PureFibre program and how it affects them. Please see below for responses I have received directly from Telus:

How does running PureFibre cable affect my property?

Whether we hang your fibre aerially or bury it underground, the work will not affect your property in any significant way, and we restore all property to the same condition prior to construction. In places where your grass will be impacted, we’ll also clean the area and plant grass seed. However, this will happen only after the entire build in your neighbourhood is complete, which could take 6 to 8 weeks. Some grass restoration may also have to wait until spring when the ground thaws. In some cases, lawns may take longer than expected to fully recover after we’ve planted new seed.

Where is the utility right-of-way, and will it need to be accessed?
Generally, we conduct our work within 2 metres of the property line in accordance with approved city permits. The city and various utility companies have the right to access the utilities or services that are commonly buried within the utility right-of-way, such as electrical lines, telephone lines and internet cables for homes and businesses. Visit to learn more.

What is the process to get fibre to the point of access in the house?
There are two main methods of installation, and we’ll always pick the one that’s the least intrusive for your property.

  1. For an underground installation, we drill a path for a conduit pipe that will run from an underground “flower pot” box, right to the house. We use either a small plow, a compact drilling unit or hand spading, so there’s very little ground disturbance. We do not use large machinery.
  2. For an aerial installation, we connect a fibre cable along the aerial network (typically installed next to a pole and attached to the aerial strand) and directly to the house. A small termination box is installed onto the side of the house as well.

My lawn and/or driveway has been impacted. When do restorations begin?
For grass to grow, soil temperatures need to be between 7 and 12 Celsius for grass seed to germinate and this typically doesn't happen until air temperatures are 15-20 degrees Celsius.

If your property requires concrete restoration, ground temperatures need to be at or above 5 Celsius degrees for at least a week before concrete/asphalt can be poured for it to settle properly. This typically doesn't happen until air temperatures are 15-20 degrees Celsius. If concrete curing temperatures are below freezing, the water inside the concrete can freeze and expand, resulting in cracks.

TELUS will send affected residents a notification when it’s time to head back to the neighbourhood to start restoration work in the spring/summer.

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