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Update on Land Use Application LOC2022-0110

I'd like to thank the many residents of Sage Hill and Evanston who showed an interest in Land use application LOC2022-0110. This application is on hold until the applicant submits changes to The City. Any community outreach, including an open house or similar events, is the responsibility of the applicant. However, a council public hearing will be scheduled at a later date. You can find more information about this application and status updates on the Development Map.

What is this application? What is the status?
LOC2022-0110 seeks to rezone privately owned land on Sage Meadows Drive, with the intention of building townhouses and rowhouses. The land is next to West Nose Creek.

The application has been put on hold until the applicant revises and resubmits their Biophysical Impact Assessment. A Biophysical Impact Assessment outlines how a development could impact natural features, for example wildlife habitat and wetlands, and recommends ways of mitigating these impacts.

What are noteworthy aspects of this application?

  • Environmental Reserve: Once received, Calgary Parks will review the revised Biophysical Impact Assessment, and determine how much of the land should be designated as Environmental Reserve next to West Nose Creek, and how much of the land could be developed. Environmental Reserve is environmentally sensitive land that is protected from future development.  

  • Christie Ranch House: Constructed in 1898, it is located on this privately owned land. While not legally protected, it was added to The City of Calgary’s “Inventory of Evaluated Historic Resource” in 2000 and will remain in place as part of the current application.

What are next steps for this application?
Until The City receives the revised Biophysical Impact Assessment, the application remains on hold.

Once the review is completed, a recommendation will be made to the Calgary Planning Commission (for a technical review) and then on to Council, which will require a public hearing. Calgary Planning Commission and public hearing dates have not been scheduled, but will be posted on the Development Map when available.

How can I provide feedback?
At the public hearing, citizens have the opportunity to speak and provide their opinion and interests on the proposed development. Community outreach for this application, beyond the Council public hearing, would be led by the applicant. It is up to the applicant to host an open house or similar event.    

Find out more about meetings of Council and ways to participate on the City Clerk’s Office webpage

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