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YYC Snow Melt

Calgary’s weather can be no less than unpredictable in the spring.   In anticipation of warmer weather (and possibly more snow), here are a few tips to help protect your home and your family:

  • Shovel snow away from the foundation of your home and window wells to help prevent water seepage into your basement.
  • If you are moving or piling snow, check furnace and exhaust vents to make sure snow and ice are not blocking them. Carbon monoxide can build up within your home if vents are blocked. 
  • Ensure your downspouts (eavestroughs) are clear and pointed away from your home/foundation.
  • Once the snow begins to melt and the storm drain is visible, clear snow away from the storm drain.
  • If water pools by the storm drain, give it 90 minutes to drain. In some communities, The City of Calgary has special devices within the storm drains that facilitates water to drain slowly and not overload the stormwater system.
  • If you see pooled water on a roadway, be careful – don’t drive through deep water as you can’t see potentials risks or conditions that might be unsafe.
  • Check the function of your sump pump.
  • Once the melt begins and your local storm drain is visible, you can clear away snow from the storm drain. If you find that the storm drain is iced over, do not try to remove the ice yourself. Call 311 and a crew will clear the ice for you. Don’t chip away at ice on storm drains as you may damage it or injure yourself. 
  • As part of your home maintenance, don’t forget to check your taps, hot water heater, water softener and toilets for leaks. Most toilet leaks are silent and go unnoticed for long periods of time. The sooner you make a repair, the better. 

Go to for detailed instructions on how to repair leaks.

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