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Ward 7 - Terry Wong

Rezoning For Housing, Rezoning Plebiscite, and The Conservation of Trees on Private Properties

March has been filled with significant developments as we address key issues vital to our city’s future. From the substantial activities for Rezoning for Housing and the subsequent plebiscite vote, to the introduction and adoption of Councillors Wong’s Conservation of Private Trees Notice of Motion (NoM).

Continue below to delve into the details of these important matters and hear Councillor Wong’s reasoning for his vote on the plebiscite.

Plebiscite: Why I voted in favour

On January 15th, 2024, City Administration announced the April 22 Public Hearing date for Citywide rezoning, giving 98 days between the announcement of the public hearing and the public hearing itself.

I do not believe that an April 22 public hearing is ample enough time for the public to be informed, engaged, consulted, and to also formulate their own opinions on a matter as significant as Citywide rezoning.

Because of the limited time period to inform the public, I hosted 3 townhalls across Ward 7 with the aim of sharing information on the proposal and having a discussion to get a better understanding on Ward 7 residents' thoughts towards citywide rezoning. Even still, I believe that we need more time to have proper discussions and engagement with Calgarians across the city. That is why I provided an amendment yesterday to change the public hearing date to June 24, 2024 - as this aligned with the Q2 2024 direction for a public hearing but gave more opportunity for people to get informed and have a productive dialogue with City Administration. This amendment was not approved by Council.

Many of those in attendance at Ward 7 Townhalls and Administration run info-sessions expressed concerns regarding citywide rezoning and the impacts on their communities. In addition to the concerns expressed around rezoning, the majority of attendees at the Ward 7 townhalls supported taking this bylaw change to a vote of Calgarians through a plebiscite rather than through their Councillors.

During my campaign I promised to listen, learn, then lead. That is why my support of the plebiscite was out of reaction from the large volume of Ward 7 constituents who expressed the need and desire for the people, not just council, to be able to vote on rezoning and its impacts to the whole City.

I would have preferred a deferral of the public hearing rather than a plebiscite, as a plebiscite is non-binding and rezoning would still have to go through a public hearing followed by a Council vote but that was not the will of Council.

Leading up to April 22nd I will continue to fulfill my promise of listening, learning, then leading. To do that to the best of my abilities, I need to hear your thoughts on the proposed changes - please remember to reach out to my office at "

Rezoning For Housing

With the defeat of the Plebiscite NoM, the public hearing on Citywide Rezoning will continue to go forward on April 22nd. The Ward 7 office wants to ensure that community members are informed on how to have their thoughts and opinions on the matter shared with Councillor Wong and all of City Council.

For information on the proposal and for FAQ's, please visit rezoning for housing.

To submit your comments or to register to speak at the public hearing, please visit Clerks' webpage here.

When submitting comments, make sure to select the April 22, 2024 date, and under agenda item 'rezoning' or something along those lines.

The Conservation of Trees on Private Properties

For a full description of the recently approved Conservation of Trees on Private Property NoM, please see the article below

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