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Ward 7 - Terry Wong

Tuxedo Park Drainage Improvements

Project Summary and Timeline

The Ward 7 Office is in communications with the Tuxedo Park Drainage Improvements project team to recieve updates on expected timelines of completion and we will provide further updates as the project unfolds.

The Tuxedo Park Drainage Improvements are slated to be completed October 31, 2023. 

The following is a comprehensive update on the ongoing project as we get closer to the October 31 completion date:

Centre Street Restoration (25th Ave - 26th Ave):  focusing on ensuring the road is brought back to its optimal condition, including any necessary sidewalk and landscaping repairs.  This work is scheduled to finish on October 4th.

26th Avenue Restoration: Similar to Centre Street, the restoration of 26th Avenue is underway. This includes repaving and addressing any infrastructure repairs required. This work is scheduled to be completed on September 26th.

27th Avenue Underground Work: Underground work on 27th Avenue is ongoing. This is crucial for achieving the objective of the project of reducing the risk of flooding during heavy rainfall events.  This work is scheduled to be completed on September 25th

27th Avenue Restoration: Following the underground work, we will proceed with the restoration of 27th Avenue, including road resurfacing and any sidewalk/landscaping repairs.  This work is scheduled to be completed on September 30th.  

Ball Diamond Area Material Removal: The removal of excess material from the Ball Diamond area within the park will commence in the next few days. This will be carried over a couple weeks and is scheduled to be completed by October 7th

Ball Diamond Restoration: Once the material removal is complete, the restoration of the Ball Diamond area will follow, ensuring it is in pristine condition for recreational use.

NW Corner Park Stairway Replacement: The replacement of the stairway at the northwest corner of the park is underway and will enhance accessibility and safety.  This is scheduled to be completed by October 4th.   

As always, if you have any questions or concerns regarding this project please do not hesitate to contact us at


Map of Tuxedo park drainage improvements

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