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Adopt a cat or dog

Adoptable pets are now available through Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS)

Effective March 1, 2021 AARCS will begin a three month pilot to manage pet adoption services for The City of Calgary.

The goal is to reduce the time adoptable pets spend sheltered, for the overall welfare of the animals. AARCS has an extensive fostering network, which increases the opportunity for animals to be cared for in homes, instead of shelters, while they wait for their new family.

Animal Services will continue to carry out medical and dental care and spay and neuters for adoptable animals before they are transported to AARCS for adoption or fostering.

In 2020, Animal Services initiated a review of shelter operations to identify efficiencies, cost savings, and service improvements. This pilot is an outcome of the review that will allow The City of Calgary and AARCS to assess the impacts, challenges and opportunities it will have. At the end of the pilot, The City of Calgary will be in a better position to determine if AARCS provide this service in an ongoing capacity.

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Responsible pet ownership

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