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Bees in Calgary

The City of Calgary does not have jurisdiction over bees or beekeeping. This is governed by the Provincial Bee Act. The Bee Act provides guidelines regarding the collection, care and registration of bees.

For questions about beekeeping, please visit the Alberta Apiculturist website or the Calgary & District Beekeepers Association.

Reporting Honey Bee swarms

According to the Calgary and District Beekeepers Association, bees will swarm when they need more space. Swarms are a natural way for bees to divide the hive. The association’s primary interest is in protecting and rescuing honey bees. For honeybee swarms, please call 311 or report the swarm on their website. For wasps or other insect issues, please contact a pest control company.

Identifying Honey Bees


Definitely NOT bees: If a grey paper-nest is present, these are wasps. Bees make nests out of wax.


Definitely bees: A soccer-ball sized cluster, attached high on a wall or tree, without any sort of a nest. This is a migratory swarm. Migratory swarms are typically very docile, but should not be approached. DO NOT SPRAY. Report the swarm by calling 311 or through Calgary & District Beekeepers Association.


Other differences between honeybees, bumble bees, and wasps: If it’s hairless, it’s a wasp. If it’s very furry with hunched shoulders, it’s a bumblebee. If it’s slightly furry, with a long tube-like shape, it’s a honeybee.