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Youth justice partnerships

Partners in Prevention

The City of Calgary partners with the Calgary Police Service and other agencies to offer innovative programs for at-risk and vulnerable children and youth. These programs range from prevention to early intervention measures and have demonstrated positive outcomes through evaluation.

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MASST is an early intervention initiative that supports children between the ages of five and 12 who are exhibiting high risk behaviour, or who are at increased risk of victimization. 12 MASST teams consisting of a City of Calgary social worker and a Calgary Police constable work directly with children, their families, schools and community agencies.

The goals of MASST are to reduce participants’ criminal involvement and victimization, increase awareness of the consequences of criminal activity among participants and their families, increase awareness of social services and supports, and increased collaboration among schools, police and social agencies to prevent youth crime.

MASST is a partnership between The City of Calgary, Calgary Police Service, Alberta Health Services and the Calgary Police Youth Foundation.

Evaluations have shown positive outcomes connected to this program. A summary of the most recent evaluation can be found here.

For more information, email

The Youth at-Risk Development (YARD) program works to reduce the number of at-risk-youth entering into and participating in gang activities. Evaluations have shown positive outcomes connected to this program. A summary of the most recent evaluation is available here.

YARD is a community-based, early intervention program that supports youth between the ages of 10 and 17 who are at risk for gang involvement. YARD has five teams consisting of a City of Calgary social worker and a Calgary Police constable who work closely with youth and their families, schools and community agencies. YARD teams work to create an individualized case plan that is family-centred, in order to help youth avoid gang involvement and make positive choices.

YARD is a partnership between The City of Calgary, Calgary Police ServiceAlberta Health Services and the Calgary Police Youth Foundation.

For more information, call 403-206-8409 or email

Gateway is a pre-charge, court diversion program. Gateway works with youth between the ages of 12 and 17 who have committed minor, non-violent offences. Youth are referred to the program by front-line Calgary police officers and are connected to a City of Calgary social worker who works to determine the underlying causes of the young person's behaviour.  Participants are supported in developing strategies and accessing resources with a view to improving good decision-making and positive social development. Youth and their families who require resources are referred to community agencies, which have service agreements with the program.

Gateway is developed in partnership with Calgary Police Services.

For more information,call 3-1-1.

ReDirect is a Calgary based initiative that seeks to improve resilience against the radicalization of youth and young adults (12-28 years of age) to the ideologies of violent extremism.  ReDirect adapts to focus on education and awareness and early intervention in addressing identified vulnerabilities to radicalization to extremism and violence.  ReDirect complements Canada’s counterterrorism strategy Building Resilience Against Terrorism and specifically supports the prevent strand of that strategy.

ReDirect is a partnership between The City of Calgary, the Calgary Police ServiceAlberta Health Services and receives funding support from the National Crime Prevention Centre of Canada.