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Office decorations

Office and Christmas decorations

Holiday seasons or other special occasions can pose a fire hazard to both your home and where you work.

In your place of business, the following regulations must be followed when using festive decorations:

  • Crepe paper and other combustible trimming or ornaments, including natural and artificial Christmas trees, must be flame resistant so as not to constitute a fire hazard in a building where large numbers of people work or gather. These decorations must be inherently resistant to flame or treated with an approved flame-retardant material.
  • Natural Christmas trees are considered to be inherently flame-resistant if they are freshly cut and the base is kept in fresh water. A freshly cut tree is one that has been harvested within 14 days. The tree must be removed from the building within the 14-day period.
  • Fresh Christmas trees that have not lost an appreciable amount of natural moisture are not considered a significant fire hazard. But Christmas trees can be extremely flammable if very dry. Once ignited, the speed and intensity of burning is extreme. A dry tree will appear to literally explode and be totally consumed (except for the trunk) in a matter of seconds.