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Fire safety plans are binders that provides accurate and timely information about a building, business, site, or event and its fire safety systems, contents, and processes during an emergency. These binders are kept on site and stored within a Fire Safety Plan Box. Fire safety plans are a requirement of the National Fire Code (Alberta Edition) and they must be reviewed at least every 12 months to ensure that they take into account any changes in use or building characteristics.

If you are in a residential building with a common area and want to know if your building has a fire safety plan, please contact the building manager.

Submit a fire safety plan

If you need your fire safety plan accepted in writing, wish to have it reviewed, or it requires further input or corrections, you will need to submit it through the 311 process.


Who needs a fire safety plan?

The buildings and businesses that are required to participate in the fire safety plan program according to the National Fire Code (Alberta Edition) include:

  • Buildings containing an assembly, care, treatment, or detention occupancy
  • Buildings that require a fire alarm system according to the Alberta building Code
  • Demolition and construction sites regulated under the National Fire Code (Alberta Edition)
  • Indoor and outdoor storage areas regulated under the National Fire Code (Alberta Edition​)
  • Areas where flammable or combustible liquids are stored or handled, including refineries and process plants
  • Areas where hazardous processes or operations occur

Types of fire safety plans

Fire safety plans are required for a variety of buildings and circumstances. There may be additional requirements depending on which type of fire safety plan you need to make.


Fire safety plan process

The National Fire Code, Alberta edition states that fire safety plans must be prepared in cooperation with the fire department. The two instances where we must accept the fire safety plans in writing are:

  • Construction, alteration, or demolition operations
  • Hot works operations and hot surface applications

All other types of fire safety plans are not required to be accepted in writing but must be submitted to us for review.

Fees to review fire safety plans

Submitting a fire safety plan for review is subject to a fee. Fees will only be charged on the initial upload completed through 311 online. Fire Safety Plans that required additional input will not be charged additional fees. In addition, a fire safety codes officer can complete a fire warden lecture or fire drill for the same fee when required through 311.

Cost: $119 + GST


Creating fire safety plans

To help you create your Fire Safety Plan we supply each building and business with the following information and documents. This information should be stored in a binder labeled “Fire Safety Plan”.

Vital Building Information (VBI) Form

The vital building information form is a quick reference sheet for initial responders and must be completed by someone knowledgeable enough to provide accurate information. If additional details and information can be added to the tabbed sections (see below). Not all sections in the form will apply to all buildings, please complete the information that applies to your building or business.

You are required to have five copies of this form in the fire safety binder.

Approved Fire Safety Plan Symbols

These approved symbols should be used on the base building drawing and if applicable the fire alarm zone drawing. Not all symbols may be needed on all drawings and only the symbols used on the drawings are required in the legend.

Sample Base Building Drawings

Our sample base building drawing shows you how to label items such as fire department access points, stairways, fire department connections and the separations between building areas like office and warehouse. Not all symbols may be needed on all drawings. Only the symbols used in your drawings are required in the legend.

You are required to have 5 copies of your building drawings in the fire safety binder.

Sample Fire Alarm Zone Drawings

Fire alarm zone drawings are required when a building has a fire alarm system that has zoned coverage. During an alarm, a fire alarm system with zoned coverage will indicate at the fire alarm panel which zone in the building is in alarm but it doesn’t give an exact location of the device that set the system into alarm. These drawings will let the fire crews know which section of the building is covered by which zone. Only symbols used are required in the legend.

You are required to have 5 copies of these drawings in the fire safety binder.

Sample Fire Alarm Zone Drawings

Tabbed Sections

All of the information and drawings within the fire safety binder should be inserted into appropriately labeled sections with tabs. If there is more information than can fit into the VBI form, insert that information in the appropriately labeled section.

Copies of all maintenance certificates (fire alarms, fire pump, sprinklers systems etc.) should be inserted in appropriately labeled sections.

For more information about developing a Fire Safety Plan, contact Fire Inspections and Investigations by calling 311 from within Calgary or at 403-268-2489 if calling from outside Calgary.

Training supervisory staff

Supervisory staff must be trained in fire emergency procedures before they are given responsibilities for fire safety. These training requirements must be met annually for most buildings and every six months for high buildings. Staff in Calgary schools attended by children must practice fire emergency procedures three times in the spring and three times in the fall.


Fire safety plan box

Fire safety plans must be stored within a metal box with a minimum size of 13” (33 cm) wide x 13” (33 cm) high x 4” (10cm) deep.

The box must be locked with a padlock that is non-reinforced and capable of being cut by bolt cutters. A spare lock should always be in the box. Building access keys can be stored in the box but only if there is 24/7 security nearby, otherwise access keys should be stored in an exterior key lockbox.

Fire Safety Plan Boxes should be surface mounted inside the building at a height where the top of the box is 1.5 to 1.8 metres from the floor level and located in clear view, within five metres of the main entrance.

In buildings considered High Buildings according to Subsection 3.2.6 of the Alberta Building Code, the Fire Safety Plan Box should be mounted in the central alarm control facility (Fire alarm panel room). The height mounting direction above still apply.

If your building doesn't have a central alarm control facility and has 24/7 security, the building fire safety plan box can be mounted at the security desk area at a height convenient for security personnel.


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