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Incident Reports are records of the details related to an incident the Calgary Fire Department (CFD) has attended. The types of calls that we attend include fires, motor vehicle collisions and medical incidents.

Who can request a report?

These reports are usually requested by insurance companies, law offices and members of the public. Whoever submits the request for the report is responsible for the $93 plus GST Report Fee, we do not offer third-party billing.

Click here to submit a Request through 311 Online Services or call 311.

What information do I need to get a report?

You must provide the following information in order to get a report:

If you are submitting an online request, fill out the Authorization for Patient Care Report (PCR) Release form prior to submitting your request so that you can attach it directly to the 311 request. 

If the request was created over the phone, fax the form to 403-243-9947.

After you submit the request

Once the report is ready it will be mailed to the address you listed in the 311 service request along with the invoice for the report. To comply with the FOIP and the Personal Privacy Act as well as any appropriate internal policies, all records and photos are edited of confidential and personal information before being released.

What information is available through our disclosure?


  • Command and dispatch narratives
  • Method of fire control used
  • Source of ignition
  • Actions taken
  • Units in attendance
  • Act or omission
  • All recorded exposures and damage
  • If applicable, a Patient Care Report (PCR) by a CFD employee*

Motor vehicle collisions

  • Command and dispatch narratives, along with any other applicable narratives
  • Actions taken
  • If applicable, a Patient Care Report (PCR) by a CFD employee*
  • Scene photos when applicable at an additional cost when applicable

Other response types

  • Command, dispatch narratives, along with any other applicable narratives
  • Actions taken
  • Units in attendance
  • If applicable, a Patient Care Report by a CFD employee*
  • Scene photos when applicable at an additional cost when applicable

*Authorization is only required for the release of Patient Care Reports.

Authorization for a Patient Care Report (PCR)

If a PCR is requested, authorization is required from the individual who received the medical attention. If the person is a minor, a parent or guardian’s authorization is required.​

Please be aware that a PCR will only contain records of the medical assistance rendered by a Calgary Fire Department member and does not include any details relating to EMS or AHS records.​​​​

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