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Environmental sustainability is a priority for Council and The City of Calgary and a key focus in Calgary 2026’s Draft Hosting Plan Concept.​

Environmental sustainability is about actions to keep our communities, air, water and land healthy today and for the future.

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Calgary 2026’s Draft Hosting Plan Concept


Environmental sustainability​

Calgary 2026’s draft hosting plan proposed five ways to protect the environment, if Calgary hosted the Games:

Potential benefits and risks of hosting the Games



  • Smart venue concept: Put existing and new venues in four main areas to help reduce travel times, costs and the effect of vehicles on the environment.
  • Zero waste: A zero-waste goal that aims to send as little waste as possible to our landfills.
  • Local resources: Using local services, goods, equipment and materials, which also helps reduce travel distances 
  • Fit with City policies (Environmental policy), strategies and plans, including The City’s Carbon Management and Climate Resilience strategies and protecting the environment for the long term.


  • Hosting an event of this size will have some impacts on the environment
  • The draft hosting plan does not remove all the effects on the environment, but aims to reduce them
  • Living up to the environmental goals in the draft hosting plan may be difficult

Aligning with City priorities


The City reviewed the draft hosting plan to see how well it fits with Citizen Priorities, Council Directives, City policies, strategies and long-term capital and financial plans.

The Council Directives directly linked to this topic

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