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All City-operated recreation facilities are closed until further notice to limit the spread of COVID-19.

Before booking a gymnasium

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Gymnasium COVID-19 update

To reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission, public rentals of school gymnasiums are unavailable until August 31, 2021. This is subject to change and could be extended as required.

Who can book a gymnasium?

School gymnasiums are available for public not-for-profit groups and registered *non-profit organizations to use outside of regular school hours.

*Definition of a non-profit organization - An incorporated organization which exists for educational or charitable reasons, and from which its shareholders or trustees do not benefit financially. Any money earned must be retained by the organization and used for its own expenses, operations and programs.

Things to know about booking and using gymnasiums

  • For new request submissions, please allow for 30 days prior to the first booking, due to processing time.
  • The City of Calgary Recreation books school gymnasiums for community use on behalf of the Calgary Board of Education (CBE), the Calgary Catholic School District (CCSD), and the Francophone School Board of Southern Alberta (CSSA).
  • It is important to review the facility rental terms and conditions, information privacy statement, and Regulations for School Facility Use before booking.
  • School gymnasiums are available first to existing users who have renewal rights.
  • Once renewal permits have been confirmed, there will be a public day held for each session.Public days allow groups to pick up available gym space for each session. Please refer to Public Day Timelines for exact dates.
  • There is no Public Day for the summer session, as space is very limited and has many restrictions.
  • Minor groups requesting a start and end time between 6:30 – 8 p.m. will have priority on Minor Public Day. Once these priority applications are processed, all other applications will be processed in the order they were received on the Public Day held for all groups.
  • The following are restricted sports and not permitted in schools: floor hockey, lacrosse, ultimate frisbee, ringette, ball hockey, futsal, cricket, bubbleball and inline skating.
  • Organizations or individuals booking school space are required to carry general liability insurance in an amount of no less than two million dollars ($2,000,000). It must be inclusive for any one occurrence and such insurance shall name the City of Calgary and the respective school board as additional insured. The insurance must not have a participant's exclusion.
  • Please refer to the Gymnasium Policies Page for policies, availability, application/amendment/cancellation forms, payment information.
  • Public use of schools must be in accordance with School Board policies for the rented facility and all applicable City of Calgary bylaws, federal and provincial legislation, including Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and Alberta Human Rights Act which prohibit discriminatory conduct. The Permit holders shall not carry on any discriminatory activities, distribute, post or display any statement, publication, notice, sign, symbol, emblem or other representation that indicates discrimination or an intention to discriminate against a person/class of persons or is likely to expose a person/class of persons to hatred or contempt because of the race, religious beliefs, colour, gender, physical disability, mental disability, age, ancestry, place of origin, marital status, source of income, family status or sexual orientation of that person/class of persons.

What are renewal rights?

Renewal rights exist when a group has a booking of 6 dates at one school for the same time period on the same day of the week. (Example: at least 6 bookings at one school, Wednesday evenings from 6:30 – 7:30 p.m.) Renewal bookings are based on your organization’s historical school use at each individual school on a session to session basis.

If you delete several dates from your bookings or during the course of your rental that drop you below 6 bookings, it will no longer be considered a renewal for future sessions. If your booking is considered a renewal, you will automatically receive a renewal permit the following year. A renewal permit from March to June does NOT mean your group will have a renewal for September to December. Your group would qualify for a renewal permit for the following March to June time period. You will not have to apply for the space, and you will be given the option to cancel the renewal permit without charge. There are no renewals for the Summer session.

Bookings that are paid for but not used by the customer will not be renewed. These would be considered “no shows” and will tracked by the City of Calgary.

Statutory holidays, school breaks and non-instructional days will not be renewed.

Dates that are not booked due to school use will be renewed if available. These dates will be documented in the Conditions of Use on the permit.

Public Day - timelines for booking periods & applications

Booking applications can only be processed and confirmed for the current booking session. View the School Booking Timelines.

The booking timelines presented here are tentative and are subject to change for the 2021 booking season. Please be patient as we work through the changes presented by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

  • January - June 2020 (Winter/Spring Session)
  • We will accept NEW application requests only from 8:30 am - 11:59 pm. Public Day will be one day only. DO NOT send in amendment requests to your renewal permits on Public Day.
  • Any applications received after 11:59 pm on the public day date will be closed and the group will be advised to re-apply once the new session opens to all groups.
  • Minor groups who are requesting new gym space on weeknights between the hours of 6:30 - 8 pm will receive priority on Minor public day.

Amendment Week

  • Each session will have a one week timeline for groups to send in amendments and cancellations to their renewal and/or public day permits. This one week timeline will be held after renewals have been sent out and public day permits have been processed. No new applications will be accepted while amendments are being processed.
  • Amendments must be submitted using the online amendments system. Please ensure that you have access to your barcode and pin number. You can log into the amendment system at Amendment Request Form.

Please contact Facility Bookings for more information.