Subdivision Development Inspections

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To view the most recent versions of technical guidelines and specifications, for use by the development industry, visit Water Guidelines and Construction Specifications.

Subdivision Development Inspections contact maps

Team contacts

Kris Dietrich
Building Safety and Inspection Services

Chris Oliver
Team Lead
Subdivision Utilities and Subdivision Surface

Steve Procee
Team Lead
Indemnification Utilities, Indemnification Surface Works, and Subdivision Parks

Subdivision utilities

To request inspection services during the construction stage submit the following form to Contact: This email is for all construction and certificate requests.

To ensure the form works properly, always ‘Download/Save as’ a copy to your desktop, right click the file and ‘Open with’ Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.

Requests Construction Complete Certification (CCC) and Final Acceptance Certification (FAC) for new subdivision work under a Master Development Agreement use the following forms:

To request Final Acceptance Certification (FAC) for work completed under a Master Indemnification Agreement, please submit your request through Contact:

Inspections of water utility infrastructure under the Master Development Agreements and Interim Indemnification Agreements follow the Consulting Engineer's Field Services Guidelines.

Please note: The above forms (E2122 and E2123) supercede 7.9 Certificate Inspection Request and Appointment Confirmation within the Consulting Engineer’s Field Services Guidelines.

The Guidelines are currently under review to provide more clarity around inspection requirements and further enhance the inspection processes. In addition, inspection fees and fee structures are being reviewed for adjustments to better align with service level agreements.

Subdivision surface

Indem utilities

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