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Water development approvals - updates and bulletins

Find the latest updates and bulletins related to processes, guidelines and available services for water development approvals.

You can also visit our water development resources home to access water development approval submission information, including tools, guides, checklists and templates for each step in the development process:

To view the most recent versions of technical guidelines and specifications, for use by the development industry, visit water guidelines and construction specifications.

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Industry bulletins

Development approvals

Effective date Bulletin name
March 2024

Streamlined CD-MR process enhances user experience bulletin

March 2024

Established areas linear levy pilot

January 2024

Updates to the stormwater management and design manual

August 2023

Updates to the proposed water established area levy

March 2023

Construction drawing minor revision (CD-MR) policy update

July 2022

Sanitary servicing study submission process

August 2021

DSSP Small format revision update

August 2021

Flow metering for commissioning of new watermains bulletin

February 2021

Dead end watermains in new subdivisions bulletin

​January 2021

Valve numbering bulletin

​November 2020

Manhole cover bulletin

​October 2020

Update to the January 2018 sewer bypass guideline

​September 2020

2020 Specification bulletin​

​May 2020

Water utility-focused pre-application process ​

​May 2020

Sewer as-built submissions​

​​July 2019

Interim CCC/FAC requirements for stormwater reuse irrigation systems

July 15, 2019

Environmental regulatory requirements for unplanned releases of potable water to the storm system

June 1, 2019

Test manhole and DSSP submission process update

April 18, 2019

Interim runoff volume control

November 21, 2018

Increase of CD-MRI submissions for the construction drawing - minor revision process

November 5, 2018

Searching for subdivision and private site stormwater management reports

October 10, 2018

Master development agreements and interim development

October 5, 2018

Interim imperviousness ratios

July 1, 2018

ESC guidelines implementation​

July 1, 2018

ESC construction drawing de-coupling

July 1, 2018

Service valves greater than 50MM

May 1, 2018

Water ePay drinking water distribution disconnection process change

January 1, 2018

Unit area release rate requirements for development

January 1, 2018

Stormwater volume control targets for 2018

November 1, 2017

WRWS Services shutdown requests for water mains 400mm

September 1, 2017

ESC drop off location

July 1, 2016

Water quality services sediment containment systems p-value updates

October, 2015

Stormwater volume control targets update

March 2014

Water resources/water services interim stormwater targets

December 2013

2011 Amendments to the stormwater management and design manual

Inspection services

Effective date Bulletin name
May 2024

Flow metering for commissioning of new water mains

January 1, 2023

Standard specifications for waterworks and sewer construction

December 2022

Portland limestone cement

July 2022

​Irrigation pipe supply industry bulletin

September 2021

Revisons to asbuilt submission content requirements

September 2021

Storm service (75mm) pipe shortage - modified installation standard

March 2021

14 day main control changes

March 2021

Obtaining dewatering and drainage permits and notifications

​February 2021

Declaration letter for CCTV video and inspection report

​May 2020

PPE for accessing customer homes/businesses

July 15, 2019​

Indemnified addendum applications and inspection requests

November 1, 2018

Cathodic protection

September 9, 2018

Indemnification process change

July 5, 2018

Standard specifications 2018

April 11, 2016

Subdivision interim de-chlorination guideline

June 1, 2018

Storm outfall grating standard specifications


Effective date Bulletin name
July 1, 2018

Operation of the water distribution system in new subdivisions and tie-ins

July 24, 2017

Price increase for fire flow tests

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