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Utility master indemnification agreement

Installing water, sanitary and storm service connections in the City of Calgary rights-of-way (City property)

Q. Who is qualified to install water, sanitary and storm service connections?

Utility indemnified contractors are permitted to install water, sanitary and storm service connections in City of Calgary rights-of-way. Developers, home builders and homeowners requiring these service connections in City of Calgary rights-of-way must hire a utility indemnified contractor. The qualified contractors list is only suitable for residential and commercial servicing of water, sanitary and storm connections performed under their utility master indemnification agreement.

Q. Why is a qualified indemnified contractor required for water, sanitary and storm service connections?

  • To protect the existing City infrastructure from potential damages caused by any third parties.
  • To ensure and protect public health and safety.
  • To provide the quality control of the installation of water and sewer servicing.

Utility indemnified contractor criteria

Q. How does my proposed company qualify to become an indemnified contractor?

This Document outlines the qualifying process. If your proposed company is qualified and eligible as outlined in the link above, you may proceed with Stage 1 and submit your documents to


Notification requirements and project workflow

Indemnified contractors are expected to apply appropriate requirements according to project type and location as noted.

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