Responsibility by Role

Responsibility by role


Individual Responsibility

We all have the responsibility to demonstrate the highest standard of ethical behavior. Our reputation for living the 4 Cs is demonstrated by each of us with every interaction every day.​

As an employee following the Conflict of Interest Policy I am responsible for:
As an employee following the Conflict of Interest Policy I am responsible for::
  • Reading and understanding the Conflict of Interest Policy.​ 
  • Performing my duties in a way that sustains trust and confidence of citizens in their municipal government. 
  • Ensuring I carry out my duties with integrity, putting the interest of The City first, without regard to my private interests. ​
  • Disclosing any private interest, including that of a relative, business associate or friend, before I participate in any process that could affect that interest. 
  • Performing my duties in an unbiased manner.
  • Advising my exempt leader if I believe I may be in a breach of this policy.​ 
  • Cooperating with City staff who are investigating a potential breach of this policy.


A leader is defined as a person who manages a group of City employees and provides direction and support to their team. For the purposes of interpreting, investigating and escalating questions and concerns as they relate to the Code of Conduct, a leader is in an exempt role. ​

​As a unionized leader I am also responsible for:
​​ ​ ​ As a unionized leader I am also responsible for::
  • Directing an employee who discloses a Conflict of Interest situation to me to an exempt supervisor. ​
  • Referring an employee who needs information on the policy to an exempt supervisor who can interpret, investigate and provide direction. ​
  • Advising my exempt supervisor if I’m aware of a conflict of interest in our area.
​As a leader I am also responsible for:
​​​​​ ​ ​ As a leader I am also responsible for::
  • ​Making my employees aware of this policy at their time of hire and checking to see if there have been any changes that might put them in a conflict on a regular basis thereafter.
  • ​Making my employees aware of this policy at their time of hire and on a regular basis thereafter.
  • Informing my employees about any additional requirements in my business area related to the Conflict of Interest Policy if relevant.
  • ​Providing information to employees on the interpretation of this policy.
  • ​Seeking guidance on issues that are complicated or cannot be easily resolved.
  • ​Assisting my employees to manage, reduce or eliminate a conflict of interest. I document the decisions made to manage, reduce or eliminate a conflict.  
  • Protecting an employee who, in good faith, reports a potential breach of the policy from any retaliation.​
​ ​​
​As a member of the Senior Management Team member I am also responsible for
As a member of the Senior Management Team member I am also responsible for:
  • ​Deciding if our business unit requires additional guidelines to supplement the Conflict of Interest Policy.​
  • Communicating my expectations about how, and when, I should be informed of substantive breaches of the conflict of interest policy that arise in my business unit.