Community safety

We all deserve to feel safe and be safe, no matter where we live, work, learn or play.

Our work includes investments, strategies, plans, and partner programs that work together to create a city that we should all feel safe in. 

September 2023 Community Safety Activities and Updates

Increased Safety

Calgary Police Service and Calgary Transit:

  • Transit Public Safety and Calgary Police Service are working with the University of Calgary on a social disorder study. The goal of the study is to better understand the causes and challenges of social disorder on transit and to identify potential solutions.

Transit Public Safety Recruitment:

  • Transit Public Safety is currently finishing the recruitment of six new Operational Sergeants to support the new District Deployment Model.
  • Transit Public Safety Officers assisted with the evacuation of people who were affected by the Northwest Territories wildfires. Officers provided support to evacuees assisting with shuttle bus pick up and drop off during the first week of September. 
  • District 5 Mountain Bike Unit patrolling transit seized several weapons including bear spray and a taser.

Improved social support access and navigation

Alpha House HELP (formerly DOAP) Call Diversion Program:​

  • Diverted 216 calls in September from Calgary Police Service in District 1 to the HELP team who responded by providing referrals, transports, and housing supports.

Operation Encampment:

  • A large encampment was dismantled and cleaned up in August/September. Calgary Police, bylaw officers, conservation officers, medical personnel and outreach teams from Alpha House were on site to provide supports to people living in the camp.

Calgary Pop-Up Care Village:

  • This one-day event was held on September 27 and was for anyone experiencing systemic vulnerabilities such as homelessness, addiction, mental health issues, poverty, language, and cultural barriers. The event provided equitable access to basic services such as case management, healthcare, clothing, haircuts, and food. Over 500 people attended.

Resilient people and communities

City-Wide Social Events:

  • The Calgary Pride Parade and Festival was held in Prince’s Island Park on September 3, and100,000 people attended.

RISE UP Downtown Vibrancy Program:

  • This program invites artists, performers, presenters, venues, and community groups to apply for funding (up to $5000) to provide live arts entertainment and/or experiences in the downtown core to create community connections and promote downtown revitalization.

Council Passed The City of Calgary’s amended Housing Strategy.

  • This is a significant step towards increasing the supply of market and non-market housing to meet demand and improve affordability, so that a diverse range of housing options are available for Calgarians to find a home that meets their needs.

Past Community Safety Activities and Updates

Transit Public Safety

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