Calgary's Comeback Revitalizing downtown

You love downtown. We love downtown. Calgary’s Comeback starts in the heart of our hometown. When downtown thrives, so does the rest of the city. A plan is already underway to support existing businesses, attract new ones and get downtown buzzing.​

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W ​e are committed to:
  • Increasing our downtown’s vibrancy
  • Encouraging private investment in our core
  • Supporting investments that improve people's experiences in our downtown
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Calgary's Downtown

This page is a glimpse of the work we are doing to improve Calgary's downtown. To see what else we are working on​​ visit:

​​​​Calgary's Downtown website​​​​​​​​​​


Here's what we've been up to​​​


What's been done?


We have:

  • Identified major capital priority projects that will bring new life and vibrancy to our city; create jobs and boost the economy; and help bring our downtown back to being a diverse hub of entertainment for Calgarians and visitors alike. Projects include:
  • Made underpass improvements, including:
    • Improving 1 Street SE and Macleod Trail walking surfaces.
    • Adding new lighting, railing and new murals. This increases the vibrancy of walkways and improves commuter safety.
  • Approved the launch of electric scooters in July 2019, providing an alternate mode of transportion for downtown dwellers and visitors.
  • Redeveloped a former lawn bowling site into Thomson Family Park in the Beltline. This site offers fun activities for kids and their families year-round.
  • Worked with partners to improve wireless services for businesses and those working, living and visiting downtown Calgary.


What's in the works?

We are:

  • Redesigning Stephen Avenue in partnership with the Downtown Calgary Association.
  • Improving the Eau Claire living experience and flood mitigation.
  • Upgrading the 17th Ave streetscape and sidewalks.
  • Improving the 5 Street S.W. underpass.
  • Helping fill downtown office space by:
    • Re-purposing vacant spaces
    • Supporting catalytic projects for economic growth, diversification, and increased employment through the Opportunity Calgary Investment Fund
    • ​Encouraging festivals and events to take place in the downtown core

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