Message from the City Manager

Calgary, like many cities around the world, is beginning to experience recovery. While we remain in an era of uncertainty around what the future may look like, we can’t deny our city feels more hopeful, more vibrant, and ready for what’s next. The pandemic changed how we think about our economy and our communities, and there is great opportunity for economic growth and social improvement gathered from the lessons of the past few years. As we anticipate a slow and careful return to normalcy, recovery is a large part of our forward-looking agenda as is the desire to emerge even stronger.

We are anticipating recovery will herald the arrival of more local and international travellers, convention goers, and tourists, and people looking to call Calgary home. I have no doubt they will see what we see – that Calgary has much to offer. Our breath-taking natural surroundings, our arts, culture and attractions, our innovation, our affordability, and most of all, our hospitality. There is no secret as to why Calgary consistently ranks among the world’s top five liveable cities and we are ready to show the world what our incredible city has to offer.

Here at The City, our commitment to making life better every day shows up in everything we do. By encouraging innovation, looking for efficiencies, and making community investments, we create the conditions for a strong municipal economy, for now and for the future. For the past two years our focus has been on reducing the impact of the pandemic on individuals, families, and businesses, but we have also been working hard behind the scenes to advance critical initiatives that have longer-term benefits for citizens. Whether we’re collaborating with business to offer innovative supports, pushing our capital projects forward, or working with our valued partners to bolster resilience, equity, and the community spirit Calgarians are known for, The City has been taking action to support the recovery of our beloved city. In this issue of Better Every Day, we highlight a few of the ways we are rising to the challenge.

David Duckworth

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