I’m excited to share the first edition of Better Every Day as part of my new quarterly reports. Through Better Every Day, I hope to share stories and information with you about The City of Calgary, our organization, and the amazing things happening in and around our city.

David Duckworth, City Manager

For our first edition, I thought it would be timely to share stories of compassion and highlight the importance of being kind and caring during times of global uncertainty and unrest. We often hear through the media about exceptional acts of compassion from City employees — from police officers buying lunches for those who are hungry and paying for groceries; Fire staff shoveling walks for the elderly; Transit drivers assisting riders in distress; or employees at the Haddon Roads Depot scooping and securing pickle mixture into a vehicle for a citizen with a disability. Most times, these acts are portrayed as the exception rather than the rule, but we know differently. Anyone who works for The City knows that these acts of kindness and caring are, in fact, the rule.

As public servants, we hold ourselves to a high standard. We have a deep sense of purpose for helping others. City employees understand our organization’s contribution to the community, and that understanding creates a deep sense of pride that we feel as we go about and do our daily work. Compassionate behaviour is consistent with our 4Cs of character, competence, commitment and collaboration. In the midst of upheaval — the global impact of COVID-19, the economic downturn facing our city, conversations and activism around systemic racism — our commitment to compassion and to making life better every day is now more important than ever.

As a municipal organization, we have shown resilience and our ability to adapt and work innovatively with others during these challenging times, but also as part of our regular service delivery. I know we have many stories to tell. I hope you enjoy a few examples as told from the point of view of our citizens and employees that display how much we care about our work and our city.

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