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Corporate Records - General

Q: What documents are held in the Corporate Records Section?

A: The Section holds the Corporate Record of The City of Calgary. This includes all Agendas and Minutes of City Council and its related Committees. Corporate Records is the custodian of all City bylaws, and all Contracts and Agreements that contain signatory of the City Clerk. Current Budget Books and the Annual Report for The City of Calgary can be obtained. The Section also contains the Archival records of The City.
Please refer to the Archives Web site.


Q: What kind of service does the Corporate Records Section provide to The Corporation and to the citizens of Calgary?

A: The Section provides access to the Corporate Record, to City of Calgary employees and to the citizens of Calgary. The records can be accessed by microfilm and made available in paper copy. Research and photocopying services are also provided to both City staff and to the Citizens of Calgary.


Q: Can documents be photocopied? If so, at what cost and what method of payment?

A: Yes, documents can be photocopied. The cost to have documents in black and white is $0.50/page plus 5% GST. The cost to have color photocopies made is $1.65/page plus 5% GST. The accepted method of payment in the Records Section is by cash, cheque or money order.


Q: Can some documents be accessed electronically and forwarded by e-mail?

A: Currently, the only documents in the Section that are available on line are the Bylaws of Frequent Reference. You can access these commonly referenced bylaws on The City of Calgary Website.


Q: Can documents be faxed?

A: Yes, documents can be faxed, up to a maximum of 20 pages. Included with the documents will be an invoice showing the charge for photocopying the requested documents.



Q: Who do I talk to about changing a bylaw?

A: Depending on the nature of the bylaw, contact your elected official, your Ward Councillor, or a member of the City Administration.


Q: Where in Calgary am I permitted to let my dog off his leash?

A: Please view Dogs & Off-Leash Areas.


Q: What are my responsibilities for snow removal on sidewalks?

A: Specific information regarding snow removal from sidewalks can be found in the
Streets Bylaw 20M88, Section 67.  To report hazardous conditions for pedestrians, call 3-1-1 or use the Online Services Request Form.



Q: Are Agreements accessible to the public?

A: Usually, the majority of contracts and agreements are a matter of public record unless there is a note in the document that the contents are confidential.


Q: What type of Contracts and Agreements are held in the Records Section?

A: The Records Section holds only those agreements that require the City Clerk's signature and also The City of Calgary Corporate Seal. The Section has a large variety of contracts and agreements. An example of some of our holdings are: Lease Agreements, Tenders (up to 1996), License of Occupation, Agreement of Purchase and Sale, Transfer of Land, Easements, Consultants' Agreements, and Service Agreements.


Records Management

Q: Why does The City of Calgary have a Records Management Program?

A: Records management within any corporation makes good business sense. Our Records Management Program controls the life cycle of all records, regardless of their medium. Our program is a cost-effective way to manage the memory of The Corporation, and saves The City money annually in storage and retrieval costs. It allows the right information to be available to the right people at the right time.


Q: Do you utilize technology to assist with your Records Management Program?

A: Yes, we currently use a product call iRIMS to manage our paper records. For the management of our electronic records, we are using a document management system called LiveLink.