Information | Scheduled system upgrade - May long weekend

Due to a scheduled system upgrade, some applications and documents on may not be available from 5 p.m. Friday, May 17 until 8 a.m. Tuesday, May 21. We apologize for any inconvenience.

myID is an online service that provides citizens and business owners access to multiple City services using a single account. Find out more about myID personal accounts and how to sign up for them here.

Account types

Can one type of account be converted into another type?

To sign up for a myID business account, you have to first sign up for a myID personal account. It is then converted to a business account during the business validation process, and once converted, cannot be changed back to a myID personal account.

Signing up for/signing into a myID account

  • Can I login to my myID account using my email address?

With the recent upgrade to the myID system, users can only login to their myID accounts with their username, as using an email address to login is no longer supported.

Previously, users could choose to login to their account with their email address or username. This change is to conform with the Microsoft cloud platform for external users.

  • Why do I need to provide my email address?

When you sign up for a myID account, we will email you a validation code to activate your account. If you forget your username or password, we send notification messages to your email address registered with myID.

Please note: myID will only send emails for registration, activation or password resets reasons.  

  • Why do I have to check “I'm not a robot”??

As an added security measure, and to prevent automated attacks, many sites use this image selection challenge that only humans can read and computer programs cannot.

  • The “Create” button is disabled. Why? 

The “Create” button will be enabled when you agree to the 'Terms of Use' by clicking the check box provided.

Your account information

  • Can I change the email address, username, password or name that is attached to my myID account?

Sign in to myID and click the “Account” button on top right to open the “Account settings” page. Scroll down to the “My Profile” section and click the “Edit Profile” button. 

Using a smartphone or tablet? You may need to click on the menu icon  on the upper left corner of your screen to expand the menu options.  

  • Can I close my account?

Sign in to myID and click the “Account” button on top right to open the “Account settings” page. Scroll down to the “Account deactivation” section and click the “Closing your myID account” link. Click the “Close account” button on the page bottom and click the “Yes” button to confirm.

  • How do I unlock my myID account?

myID will lock an account for 30 minutes after five consecutive failed sign in attempts.  You can unlock the account by resetting the password or using the unlock account link provided in account lockout notices sent to your registered email address.

  • How do I find out my myID username?

On the Sign in screen, select “Forgot your username?” Your myID username sent to your email address registered with myID.

  • How do I reset myID account password?

On the Sign in screen, select “Forgot your password?” A password reset email will be sent to your email address registered with myID.

Social media login

  • How do I manage my social media login with myID? Remove or add social media logins.

Sign in to myID and click the “Account” button on top right to open the “Account settings” page. Scroll down to the “Link your Social Media Account” section and click the “Account Linking” button.

This will bring up option for managing social media logins registered with your myID account.  It will allow you to remove and/or add more social media logins to your myID account.  

  • Can I register my social media login with multiple myID accounts?
No.  A social media login can only be registered with one myID account at a time. You can deactivate/close unwanted myID accounts or unlink your social media login from specific myID accounts. 

Contact us

  • How do I report issues or suggest enhancements?

Contact 3-1-1 to report any issues are experiencing or enhancements you would like to see.