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We want more Calgarians, more active and creative, more often - but we can't do it single-handedly. Through a number of free and new initiatives and collaborations with multi-sector and community partners we're able to collectively make a difference in supporting active and healthy lifestyles.

Alberta Cancer Exercise (ACE) program

The Alberta Cancer Exercise (ACE) program is part of a study evaluating the benefit of Alberta-based community exercise programs for cancer survivors. This free 12 week physical activity program is open to all cancer survivors within 3 years of diagnosis capable of low to moderate intensity exercise, over the age of 18 and can consent in English. This includes two 60 - minute classes each week, combining aerobic and strength training.

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Program participants must complete screening and registration through the Health & Wellness Lab at the University of Calgary prior to registering in the program. Please contact the Health & Wellness Lab at 403-210-8482 or email Once your screening is complete, you may contact our Registration Centre at 403-268-3800 to register for the program.

The ACE program is funded by Alberta Innovates Health Solutions - Cancer Prevention Research Opportunity (AIHS - CPRO).

Prescription to Get Active

Primary Care Networks (PCNs) are now able to prescribe the amount of activity you need to help improve your health and prevent disease. Four PCNs in Calgary are partnering with us to offer prescriptions for physical activity.

Recreation drop-in pass prescriptions

We will give you a 10 time drop-in pass when you show your prescription, provided by a PCN doctor at our pools and leisure centres.

Your drop-in pass gets you:

  • drop-in fitness classes
  • use of any facility amenities during public times

The first time you use your prescription, the facility will keep the prescription in exchange for the services they provide. We can only accept one prescription per person. The prescription is non-transferable, and can only be used once.

Note: this program is not available to existing pass holders.

Get involved

Talk to your PCN family doctor or PCN health care team member about getting a Prescription To Get Active. They will assess your health needs.

Find out more at the Prescription to Get Active website.

Participating Primary Care Networks

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