Dog leash guidelines

Dog leash guidelines are regulated by the Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw, as well as the Parks and Pathways Bylaw. Calgary is an "on-leash city", meaning that dogs must be on a leash unless they are on their own property or in an area that is designated by signs as an off-leash area.

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About off leash

A dog must be on a leash:

  • At all times when not on the owner's property.
  • On all pathways (pathways have a surface of ashphalt, concrete or brick).
  • When on a pathway the following rules apply to dogs:​
    • ​​​​​A dog's leash cannot be more than 2 meteres long.
    • A dog must stay on the right hand side of the pathway, unless moving around other pathway users.
    • A dog must be under the owner's control at all times, and not interfere with or obstruct any other pathway user.

A dog can be off-leash:

  • In areas designated by signs as off-leash areas.
  • Some pathways cut through off-leash areas. On some of these pathways, dogs may be off leash if there are signs indicating that this is allowed.

Off-leash areas:

While you are enjoying the off-leash area, please remember to:

  • Make sure you have control over your dog, ensuring that he's in your sight, and comes back to you when called.
  • Be courteous to your fellow dog owners. Do not allow your dog to bother other dogs or their owners.
  • Stoop & scoop. The fine for not immediately picking up after your dog is $250.
  • Deposit your poop bags in an appropriate receptacle.
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