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Land Use Bylaw1P2007

The City of Calgary Land Use Bylaw 1P2007

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Division 10: Special Purpose – Transportation and Utility Corridor (S-TUC) District


1092 1 The Special Purpose — Transportation and Utility Corridor District is intended to:
a be applied to land located within the provincial transportation and utility corridor, where the primary purpose is to provide for provincial transportation facilities and linear utilities; and
b accommodate select types of temporary and removable uses where there is approved access and where the use is compatible with adjacent uses and transportation facilities and linear utilities.
2 Only those lands within the Provincial Transportation and Utility Corridor should be designated Special Purpose — Transportation and Utility Corridor District.

Permitted Uses

1093 1 The following uses are permitted uses in the Special Purpose — Transportation and Utility Corridor District:
e Park;
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k deleted
l deleted
2 deleted
3 deleted

Discretionary Uses

1094 1 The following uses are discretionary uses in the Special Purpose — Transportation and Utility Corridor District:
i deleted
j deleted
k deleted
1.1 The following uses are discretionary uses in the Special Purpose — Transportation and Utility Corridor District when they occur on a parcel used for a Park or Outdoor Recreation Area:
a Food Kiosk; and
2 The following uses are additional discretionary uses if they are located on the lands described in subsection (3):
a deleted
b Freight Yard; and
3 Those areas cross-hatched and illustrated as Area A and Area B on Map 8, and more particularly described as:
a Area A: the full width of the Transportation and Utility Corridor lands from the north intersection of the Transportation and Utility Corridor and Deerfoot Trail N.E. to the intersection with the Transportation and Utility Corridor and 44 Street N.E.; and
b Area B: the full width of the Transportation and Utility Corridor lands from the intersection with the Transportation and Utility Corridor and Peigan Trail S.E. to the intersection between the Transportation and Utility Corridor and 130 Avenue S.E.
4 Uses that are not listed in this District are discretionary uses if, at the time of the effective date of this Bylaw, they were:
a being carried on pursuant to a development permit issued by The City of Calgary, the Municipal District of Foothills, or the Municipal District of Rocky View; or
b being carried on in accordance with the applicable Land Use Bylaw in effect for the municipality where the use was located at the time the use commenced but were specifically exempted by that Land Use Bylaw from the requirement to obtain a development permit.
5 A use which meets the conditions of subsection (4) ceases to be a discretionary use if it is discontinued for six consecutive months or more.
6 The applicant for a development permit for a use pursuant to this section must show that the use complies with the conditions of subsection (4).


1095 In addition to the rules in this District, all uses in this District must comply with:
a the General Rules for Special Purpose Land Use Districts referenced in Part 9, Division 1;
b the Rules Governing All Districts referenced in Part 3; and
c the applicable Uses And Use Rules referenced in Part 4.

Retail and Consumer Service Restrictions

1095.1 Retail and Consumer Service must only operate in conjunction with, and sell products related to, an Outdoor Recreation Area.

Development Permit Restrictions

1096 1 A development permit for a discretionary use must have a time limitation of no more than five years.
2 Applications for uses which require permanent structures, buildings, or activities, which do not allow the easy removal, or allow access for utility maintenance, or which impair the intended purpose of the parcel as a utility corridor, must not be approved.
3 When a development permit expires, all activities associated with that development permit must cease, and all buildings and improvements associated with that use must be removed from the parcel without further order from the Development Authority.

Projections into Setback Areas

1097 The rules referenced in subsections 1013(1) through (4) inclusive, do not apply to this District.

Setback Areas

1098 Where the parcel shares a property line with a street or parcel designated as a residential district or Special Purpose — Future Urban Development District, the setback area from that property line must have a minimum depth of 6.0 metres.

Specific Rules for Landscaped Areas

1098.1 1 Landscaped areas must be provided in accordance with a landscape plan approved by the Development Authority when the development is within 50.0 metres of:
b a parcel designated as a residential district; or
c a parcel designated S-FUD.
2 The landscaped areas shown on the landscape plan approved by the Development Authority must be maintained as long as the development exists.
3 Screening must be provided for the following uses:
a deleted
d deleted
e deleted
f deleted

Parcel Access

1098.2 A use must not have motor vehicle access from a residential street.
Map 8: Special Purpose Transportation and Utility Corridor Areas
map image

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