Caution | Mandatory Outdoor Water Restrictions

Due to continued dry conditions, mandatory Stage 1 Outdoor Water Restrictions are in place until further notice.

Visit for more information.

Land Use Bylaw1P2007

The City of Calgary Land Use Bylaw 1P2007

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Land Use Bylaw Amendments

Land Use Bylaw 1P2007 has been amended by multiple bylaws. These bylaws are organized by year of Bylaw Number. To search for Public Hearing minutes and video related to the item, please visit, and enter the bylaw number in the search bar to the right.

To view the signed bylaws and associated reports, please search the City Clerks database for the Bylaw number (example: 5P2013).

1.   Open ELMS to the search window:

open elms search window

2.  Search the bylaw number, check off City Council, and Bylaw

search bylaw number

3.  Click Search

click search

4.  Results will display, including reports, meeting minutes and signed bylaws.

results will display

This information has no legal status and cannot be used as an official interpretation of the various bylaws, codes and regulations currently in effect. The City of Calgary accepts no responsibility to persons relying solely on this information. Web pages are updated periodically. ​