Level Up Calgary - Season 3

Season 3: Parks & Portals Level Up Calgary

Welcome to Level Up Calgary Season 3: Parks & Portals! This year, the City of Calgary, Minecraft Education, and the Calgary Board of Education have partnered once again to bring you an unforgettable and immersive experience like never before.

Get ready to level up your skills and imagination.

Mayor's Welcome

Welcome students, teachers and families!

Thank you for your interest in Level Up Calgary Season 3: Parks & Portals.

This season, we're focusing on crafting safe, accessible, and inclusive public spaces to celebrate diversity, foster equity, and promote unity for all Calgarians. Share your input on two important downtown locations: Haultain Park in Downtown's Beltline neighborhood, and the Green Line 4th Street Station in The Culture + Entertainment District.

Please remember the importance of prioritizing economic, social, and climate resilience. Together, we can build a city where everyone participates and thrives in a diverse and future-ready environment. I am happy to share more information on Council’s Resilient Calgary Strategic Direction, our Downtown Strategy and the Greater Downtown Plan.

Thank you for being part of Level Up Calgary and for sharing your ideas as designers, planners, and city-builders. We wish you an amazing season three!

The challenge

Visit your school division’s website to learn how you can download Calgary’s downtown core rendered in Minecraft. Explore and interact in our downtown individually or as a group. Select a build site, review the challenge prompt and resources, and start building! 

Not at one of the participating school but still want to participate?Download Minecraft Education on your device and explore the world on your own. You will need to login using your child's school login credentials. You can access the world in the New & Featured section or by using the search feature in the Minecraft Education library.

Exploring downtown

Downtown is the heart of Calgary. It powers our economy, sparks creativity, and has a big impact on all Calgarians. We are committed to addressing downtown's challenges and making positive changes that will shape its future for many years.

Downtown Strategy

The Greater Downtown Plan is the document that will guide the development of our future downtown.


Mayor Jyoti Gondek

Greetings in Blackfoot language

Greetings in Stoney Nakoda Language

Courtney Walcott

Greetings in Michif Language

Greetings in Tsuut’ina Language

Haultain Park

Haultain Park is nestled in the busy and vibrant Beltline neighbourhood and is the backyard for many residents of this area. It is also home to the historic Haultain School which is now the offices for the Parks Foundation of Calgary. In designing a park, think about what the people living and visiting this area might need. Does the space feel safe, comfortable and welcoming for everyone while providing functions and activities that are right for the neighbourhood? 

David Down

Ilyas Gora

Meaning of Belonging in Michif Language

Meaning of Belonging in Tsuut’ina Language

Carmen Hindson

Meaning of Belonging in Blackfoot Language

Meaning of Belonging in Stoney Nakoda Language

Green Line

The Green Line LRT is designed to be both a transit system and a platform for future city building opportunities. It encourages accessible redevelopment and investment in Calgary businesses and communities. This season, they can design an inclusive and accessible portal for the 4th Street Station, which will connect transit riders to vibrant communities in the Beltline, East Village, and the Culture + Entertainment District. The following links and documents help inform how the Green Line will be designed and built. How will they guide your designs?

Darshpreet Bhatti

Keely Sullivan

Nabeel Ramji and Erin Shilliday

Meaning of Acceptance in Michif Language

Meaning of Acceptance in Tsuut’ina Language

Meaning of Acceptance in Blackfoot Language

Meaning of Acceptance in Stoney Nakoda Language


RouteAhead is Calgary Transit’s 30-year roadmap that guides us in providing safe, accessible, customer-focused transit service for Calgarians. It is divided into three core principles (Customer Experience, Network Planning and Financing Transit) to help us shape transit service delivery over the next 30 years. 

The Green Line will provide an accessible transit service that everyone can get to, board and use. Green Line’s accessible design features will meet and exceed The City’s Access Design Standards and the Alberta Building Code.

Early learning

Sarah Meilleur

Lisa Hardy

Past seasons

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