Chapter 1: Visualizing Growth

Vision and Core Values


Found in Chapter 1 of the Plan, the vision and core values provide a framework for growth and change that recognizes the elements that connect the Heritage Communities. The Plan vision focuses on enhanced connectivity between communities, placemaking initiatives, supporting recreational uses and seeing growth on Main Streets, transit station areas and Activity Centres, served by high-quality transit areas and evolving industrial neighbourhoods. By implementing this vision, the Heritage Communities will continue to be a unique collection of desirable and welcoming communities for a diversity of people.

Located between the Bow River and Glenmore Reservoir, the Heritage Communities will continue to evolve into well-connected, inclusive, green and dynamic residential, mixed-use and industrial areas where people live, work, play and shop. These communities will be served by integrated and vibrant Red Line transit station areas, an enhanced Macleod Trail S Urban Main Street area and thriving Community Corridors.

Core Ideas

The following core values were developed through the engagement process and were used to shape the policies and guidelines in Chapters 2 and 3 of the Plan.

  • Improve connectivity between communities by providing safe, comfortable and accessible year-round mobility options supported by an enhanced public realm with an emphasis on river to reservoir connections.

  • Enhance the Macleod Trail S Urban Main Street area by recognizing its functionality as a mobility corridor while creating opportunities for a broad range of more active uses, placemaking initiatives and enhanced connections across Macleod Trail S into adjacent communities.

  • Foster vibrant transit station areas and support the transition of the existing Heritage LRT Station Area, Southland LRT Station Area and Anderson LRT Station Area into compact and well-connected mixed-use areas.

  • Promote inclusive and diverse housing choices throughout the Heritage Communities and in key locations such as the Macleod Trail S Urban Main Street area, transit station areas and Activity Centres.

  • Enhance and improve civic facilities, parks, open spaces and natural areas with a focus on the urban tree canopy and conserving and restoring natural areas along the Bow River and Glenmore Reservoir.

  • Support industrial and local commercial areas as vital hubs of economic activity and identify opportunities to enhance the public realm and mobility infrastructure.

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change and improve community resiliency to climate change impacts.

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