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Chapter 1: Visualizing Growth

Vision and Core Ideas

Found in Chapter 1 of the Plan, the vision and core ideas provide a framework for growth and change that recognizes the elements that connect the Westbrook Communities. The Plan vision focuses on increased sense of community identity and safety, enhancing mobility options, growth on Main Streets, transit station areas and Activity Centres, served by high-quality public spaces, and a diversity of housing choice. By implementing this vision, the Westbrook Communities will continue to be a unique collection of desirable and welcoming communities for a diversity of people.


The Westbrook Communities will continue to thrive and grow into walkable, bikeable, mixed-use areas with high-quality public and open spaces that residents in and beyond the Westbrook Communities can enjoy. The redevelopment of Westbrook Mall will be a focal point to support this vision for Westbrook Communities.

Core ideas

The following core ideas were developed through the engagement process and were used to shape the policies and guidelines in Chapters 2 and 3 of the Plan.

  • Recognize and build upon the role of the Westbrook transit station area as a focal point and a mobility hub for the communities in the Plan Area by supporting public and private development around the Westbrook Station.

  • Support the development of high quality and diverse housing types throughout communities in the Plan Area to meet equitable socio-economic and demographic needs close to key services and amenities.

  • Protect environmentally significant and historic open spaces such as Edworthy Park, the Douglas Fir Trail and the Shaganappi Golf Course.

  • Promote a greater diversity of commercial amenities and support local businesses, particularly within Main Streets, Activity Centres and transit station areas.

  • Provide safe, comfortable, connected and accessible year-round mobility options including improved pathways, cycling and pedestrian infrastructure throughout the Plan Area, particularly within Main Streets, Activity Centres and transit station areas.

  • Achieve a strong sense of community identity in safe and inclusive communities by building upon the unique characteristics of individual communities and highlighting the culture and history of the area.

  • Reduce emissions of greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change and reduce vulnerability to climate-related hazards such as extreme heat and drought, and localized flooding.

  • Invest in parks, open spaces, recreational, cultural, art and community spaces and services to serve a diversity of activities for all ages, abilities and seasons.

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