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The City of Calgary is building beach volleyball courts in the northeast corner of the field next to the Tuxedo Park Community Association.

Project update - January 2024

The project team is finalizing plans before going to market. A design will be developed for the beach volleyball courts and shared on this page. Construction is anticipated to begin in May 2024 and to be completed in Summer 2024.

Please check back on this page for the construction start date and for updates throughout construction.


  • Design: April 2024
  • Anticipated construction start: May 2024
  • Anticipated construction completion: Summer 2024

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The approximate budget for this project is $168,000.

Project overview

The Tuxedo Park Community Association is located at 202 29 Ave N.E. with adjacent green space. There is currently a baseball diamond in the northeast corner of the park at 30 Avenue and 2 Street N.E. During the Tuxedo Community Draining Improvements, the baseball diamond was used as a laydown area during construction. The Community Draining Improvements are complete and there is interest in the community to replace the ball diamond with beach volleyball courts.

Map of proposed site
Proposed site of beach volleyball courts

The Tuxedo Park Community Association conducted a Community Engagement and Survey in the Summer and Fall of 2021 to engage interest in beach volleyball courts at the park. There were 51 responses, and 84% of respondents indicated they would like to see beach volleyball courts in Tuxedo Park.

In Fall 2022, beach volleyball user groups provided letters of support for the courts. After City discussions with the Ward 7 Office and Tuxedo Park Community Association, there is support to move forward with the beach volleyball courts instead of the underutilized baseball field in the northeast corner.

The City is working to facilitate this plan. The northeast corner of the park has been graded and leveled, and fencing has been put up for the winter. We will go out to market in January 2024 and a design will be developed for the beach volleyball courts. Construction is anticipated to begin in May 2024 and to be completed in Summer 2024.

Please note, construction activities are dependent on several factors. Timelines may change due to inclement weather, complexity, supply chain, and/or other unexpected circumstances.

Project benefits

  • Provides a new recreation amenity in the Tuxedo Park community.
  • Responds to community interest for beach volleyball courts.
  • Courts will be free to use and there is minimal equipment required. Users must bring their own volleyballs and nets are installed as soon as weather permits.
  • Supports a sport that continues to grow in popularity at both the youth and adult levels.
  • Provide recreation opportunities for students at nearby schools.
  • Will complement the new green open area, new pathways, irrigation system and vegetation, and new state of the art playground equipment.


Why is this project happening?

The ball diamond in the northeast corner of the park was underutilized and was used as a laydown area during the Community Drainage Improvements. Engagement conducted by the Tuxedo Park Community Association found that 84 per cent of respondents supported beach volleyball courts in the park rather than the baseball diamond.

How many beach volleyball courts will be installed?

We anticipate there will be four beach volleyball courts installed, which will be finalized as the design is developed.

What are the timelines for this project?

This project will go to market in January 2024. Construction is anticipated to begin in May 2024 and be completed in Summer 2024.

How will residents be affected by this project?

This is a landscaping project, which will include:

  • removal and delivery trucks entering and leaving the area;
  • machinery for removals;
  • levelling of materials; and
  • some compaction equipment.

Work will be done during the day and there will be some construction noise. A dust management plan will be in place to mitigate gravel and soil dusts from this work. Equipment will be stored onsite and there should be minimal impacts to street parking adjacent to the park.

Will the beach volleyball courts be bookable or drop-in?

At this time, the beach volleyball courts will be available on a first-come drop-in basis. This is similar to other City beach volleyball courts.

Will parking be affected by people using the courts?

There is street parking available on 30 Avenue NE, 2 Street NE and 29 Avenue NE which are all adjacent to the park. We also encourage beach volleyball court users to use active transportation modes (walking or wheeling) or public transportation when possible.

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