Altadore and Sandy Beach improvements

Established Area and Growth Change Strategy Altadore & Sandy Beach Improvements

As part of the Established Areas Growth and Change Strategy, the community of Altadore and the regional park, Sandy Beach, were identified as growth areas for potential public realm projects.


The work proposed in this project includes:

  • Enhance pathways and bikeways
  • Complete missing sidewalk/pathway connections
  • Traffic calming, such as curb extensions
  • Improve pedestrian crossing
  • Address traffic safety concerns
  • Improvements to the Sandy Beach Park recreational amenities
  • Upgrade the gravel access road and parking in Sandy Beach Park
  • Activate public spaces


The goal of this project is to improve existing conditions for people walking and wheeling and upgrading park and recreations infrastructure. As the area increases in population and the diversity of users, the area has increased in pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

The proposed project will provide the neighbourhood, local businesses and visitors with an improved public realm for safe, easy and accessible travel. Also, the project will promote a vibrant and desirable outdoor green space in the park with the existing dog park, public river access and enhanced park and recreation upgrades and reduce speeding in the community.


Public engagement for this project took place November 29 – December 15, 2021. View feedback from public engagement in the What We Heard Report, or visit the engagement portal for more information.


The estimated cost of this work is $2.81 million. Funding is provided by the Established Area Growth and Change Strategy Capital Fund.


  • September 24, 2018 - Established Area Growth and Change Strategy – Scoping Report presented to City Council (PFC2018-0891).
  • November 2019 - December 2020 - Community conversations about potential improvements to the local public realm.
  • February 3, 2020 - Council approved Notice of Motion (PFC2020-0131) to provide $30 million for public realm improvements in the established area.
  • May 25, 2020 - Phase 1 recommendations approved by City Council (PFC2020-0381).
  • December 2020 - Phase 2 progress update to Committee (PFC2020-1245).
  • November – December 2021 – Altadore & Sandy Beach Improvements design development and public engagement.
  • February 2022 - Feedback from public engagement in the What We Heard Report to inform final design
  • Spring/Summer 2022 - finalize the design
  • 2022 - Construction to begin

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the budget?

The estimated cost of this work is $2.81 million. Funding is provided by the Established Area Growth and Change Strategy (EAGCS) Capital Fund. Click here for more information on the EAGSC and other projects this strategy supports.

Who will be impacted?

Those impacted by this project are residents living and businesses operating in the community of Altadore, as well as citizens that frequent Sandy Beach Park and organizations that operate in Sandy Beach Park.

How will this work help the community?

The proposed project combines the delivery of safer, more accessible and affordable and comfortable walking, wheeling, and driving experiences. Public realm improvements will be made to walkways, pathways,  and recreation spaces. All of this will help activate park space, improve safety in high traffic areas, and improve access to the public river access point.

When will construction start?

The results of the public feedback, along with technical expertise is currently being used to determine final design. Based on this, construction will start in 2022. More information will be available prior to construction on possible impacts to residents and businesses.

Mobility Improvements

What is traffic calming?

Traffic calming offers a means of resolving traffic and safety issues, and preserving and enhancing neighbourhood liveability. Traffic calming describes a range of techniques which are used to influence motorist behaviour and prevent undesirable driving practices. Typically, traffic calming involves physical devices constructed in a roadway such as temporary or permanent traffic calming curbs, speed humps, traffic circles and directional road closures, and may also include regulatory changes such as turn prohibitions.

Where are we adding missing sidewalks, pathways and improving a crossing at a key intersection?

In 2022, we plan to implement the following missing sidewalks, pathways and improving a crossing at a key intersection:

  • Enhance walkways (3 locations: North of 42 Avenue, 45 Avenue and 48 Avenue):
  • from adjacent park at 14A Street to 15 Street S.W.

Complete missing sidewalk/pathway connections:

  • Linking walkway to existing pathway connection
  • 49 Avenue S.W. lane to walkway
  • Rundle Elementary and Altadore School

Traffic Calming:

  • 16 Street and 42 Avenue S.W. intersection
  • 16 Street and 44 Avenue S.W. intersection
  • 16 Street and Altadore Avenue/46 Avenue S.W. intersection
  • 15 Street and 42 Avenue S.W. intersection
  • 15 Street and 45 Avenue S.W. intersection

Upgrade the gravel access road and adding parking in the park at:

  • 50 Avenue S.W.

How were these locations chosen for traffic calming?

One of the goals of this project is to improve existing locations for people walking and wheeling to the regional park with safe, easy and accessible travel options. As such, these locations were chosen for traffic calming due to their need for upgrading and connectivity to Sandy Beach park. The project team also examined resident concerns from 311 and worked with the Ward 8 Office in 2020 to select locations for traffic calming. If residents have specific traffic operational improvement inquires or suggestion, please use the 311 tool to make a service request. 

Are there any considerations to add traffic calming in other locations in Altadore? What about additional crosswalks or stop signs in high traffic areas?

The project team can look at other areas to see where additional traffic calming can be added, but will have to work within what budget of the project. In terms of adding a crosswalk or stop signs, our Roads department examines a number of factors when determining locations that warrant a marked pedestrian crosswalk, such as pedestrian crossing volumes, pedestrian demographics, proximity to the nearest traffic control device (traffic light, overhead flasher, Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons, etc.) to ensure adequate spacing between devices, and crossing distance, speed limit, and traffic volumes.

What are the impacts to businesses and residents as result of the mobility improvements being made?

The new sidewalks will be built on City land and vehicles will continue to park on the roadway. There may be some impacts to residents and businesses when the improvements are being implemented. More information will be available prior to construction in 2022.

Parks and Recreation

Will any existing trees be removed in Sandy Beach Park?

At this time, the designs are not yet finalized, and we do not know if existing trees will be removed. Existing trees may be pruned and cleaned up to allow connections. When trees are impacted in natural areas, a restoration plan is developed to restore the ecological health of the area. Restoration plans are developed on a case by case basis for each project where trees are impacted in natural areas. The City of Calgary will work to preserve as many trees as possible during construction.

Why does the 50 Ave SW road leading into Sandy Beach Park need to be paved?

In the summer, this roadway is used heavily by visitors. When it rains, the gravel road easily develops rivets causing lots of bumps/potholes for drivers. In addition, on hot, dry, summer days, the gravel causes a lot of dust – which is a visibility concern and warrants dust abatement. Paving this roadway with asphalt will result in a better experience for those accessing the park, as it is a smoother road. Paving this in the long run will help lessen maintain costs as well.

Are there considerations to adding a bike-only pathway, that is separate from vehicles and pedestrians on 50 Ave SW?

While adding a bike-only pathway or wheeling lane along 50 Ave SW is not part of the scope of this project due to budget limitations, the project team has noted this request to consider further examining this in the future.

Can year-round bathrooms be added to the park?

Year-round bathrooms are not included in the scope of this project. The Parks department has examined renovating bathrooms, but it is not part of the budget for this project.  While we do have bathrooms on the river system, many of them are not made for four seasons. This means they need to be closed in the winter, as pipes freeze and can burst.  In summer, when we anticipate higher traffic, for events or long weekends we do add porta-potties to Sandy Beach Park.

Are there considerations to installing bike racks/bike parking at Sandy Beach Park?

There are proposed plans to install inverted-U bike racks at Sandy Beach Park. Areas considered may include where the proposed new vehicle parking is, and along the river pathway.

Will there be a paved walkway at the dog park that currently has a gravel walkway?

River Park and the off-leash dog park are not included in the scope of this project. The Parks department has examined this pathway, and at this time there are no plans to upgrade the gravel pathway.

Can additional activities be added to the park such as: pump track, splash park, playground, cross-country skiing tracks, or ice-skating?

A pump track and splash park are out of scope for this project, as additional infrastructure would be required. The Altadore and Sandy Beach Park project is focusing on improving pathways and roadways, increasing parking, and providing some low-maintenance amenities and seating in the greenspace.

A playground is out of scope for this project. An accessible playground has just been built to the north of the parking lot off 50th Ave SW at Sandy Beach Park. We are considering the addition of BBQ grills and additional seating to allow for picnics and small gatherings.

The addition of cross-country ski tracks is certainly a possibility once construction is completed so that the space can be activated year-round.  

Citizen feedback supports the addition of an ice-skating ribbon for winter activation. The ice-skaking ribbon will be a future installation. We will consider adding a fire pit and seating to accommodate the skating ribbon and other winter activities.

Have you considered adding additional seating and benches in the park?

Additional seating will be added and reflected in the final design. As part of the proposed plan, we will be adding a fire pit, more benches and comfortable seating to create a gathering space for people of all ages. This will enhance the space year-round.

Are there plans to add more parking?

Additional parking is planned, but the number of parking stalls will be dependent on budget.

Fitness parks and areas are not regularly used. Why not reallocate this space for other uses, like greenspace?

The final design will incorporate more greenspace, as the majority of feedback did not support Concept #1 that included the fitness area and pickleball court. We will plan to incorporate a small multi-purpose space to allow for various play and activities, and a fire pit in the winter. However, most of the space will be natural greenspace.  We will explore adding BBQ grills, more seating and an area for fire pits.


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