The Capital works map identifies the location of major construction, maintenance and improvement projects scheduled by The City. This map is updated monthly and includes:

  • Road and traffic projects being undertaken by Alberta Infrastructure and Transportation and by The City of Calgary's Transportation Department.
  • Improvement and maintenance projects being completed by the Parks Department and Water Services Department.
  • Project areas for major utility companies.
Road Classifications
Legend item ​Definition
​Local A residential road that carries up to 1,500 vehicles per day.
​Collector A road that carries 20,000 plus vehicles per day.
​Major ​A road that carries 12,500 to 30,000 vehicles per day.
​Express Way ​A road that carries more than 30,000 vehicles per day.
Transportation Utility Corridor ​The undeveloped land bordering the ring road that is reserved for existing or future utilities.
​Future Arterial Road ​ A planned express way.
​Future Ring Road ​ A planned express way.
Transportation Infrastructure and Roads
​Legend item ​Definition
​Development Access Roads Roads designed to access new subdivisions or other development areas.
​Arterial Roadway Construction A road that carries 20,000 plus vehicles per day.
​Inner City Transportation Project Plans for traffic management measures and streetscape designs to improve safety on inner city streets.
Top Lift Paving​ The final surface layer of asphalt applied on new roads.
Lane Paving

Paving of gravelled back lanes as part of Roads' Local Improvements program.

​Sound Attenuation Fencing Type of fence installed between a residential area and a road to reduce the amount of traffic noise.
Transportation Planning Projects
​Legend item ​Definition
Traffic Optimization Routes planned specifically to improve the efficiency of transportation throughout the city.
Bikeways Lanes or pathways designed specifically for cyclists.
Traffic Calming Installation of measures for slower, safer traffic, such as speed bumps.
Pedestrian Overpasses and Bridges
​Legend item ​Definition
Structure Projects (Bridge)

Either the rehabilitation of a current bridge or the construction of new bridge.

Road Maintenance Projects
​Legend item ​Definition
Asphalt Pavement Rehabilitation

Standard repaving of City roads.

Traffic Signal Projects
​Legend item ​Definition
New Traffic signals

Traffic signals refers to traffic lights.

​New Pedestrian signals

​Pedestrian corridors refer to pedestrian crossing lights.

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