Stoney Trail at 11 Street N.E. interchange

Project update - November 2022

Crews are winding down work on this interchange, and the site will be shut down in December. Next spring, the remaining work will be complete which includes installing a new stormline in the project area, and roadwork by the developer for 11 Street N.E. to the north of the interchange.


  • The speed limit of Stoney Trail close to construction area may be reduced to 80 km/h during construction.

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You can see answers to the questions asked during the design of the Stoney Trail / 11 Street N.E. interchange here.

Significant growth is anticipated in the Stoney Industrial and Keystone Hills areas immediately surrounding Stoney Trail and 11 Street N.E. A new interchange is being constructed to support future development and to improve mobility and connectivity within north Calgary.

This interchange is being constructed on behalf of Alberta Transportation as part of the Stoney Trail North Interchanges project.

Half interchange

A half interchange, providing access to and from the north*, will be constructed in 2021 – 2022. This initial stage interchange will accommodate projected traffic volumes for the next 20 years.

The project team will coordinate with adjacent developers to construct the 11 Street N.E. connection to the north.

* The half interchange can be modified to provide access to and from the south when warranted and/or when 128 Avenue N.E. is extended

Ultimate (full) interchange

In the future, when warranted by growth and development, the ultimate interchange will be constructed providing full access in all directions.

Project timelines

  • Detail design - Complete
  • Construction: Summer 2021 – Summer 2023

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