Stoney Trail North Interchange projects

Project updates - November 2022

Traffic has been shifted onto the new bridges for the Harvest Hills Boulevard and Shaganappi Trail interchanges. Crews will be back next spring to finish the final paving on both interchanges, complete the pathways, and finish off the landscaping work.

Work on the 11 Street N.E. interchange will wind down in December. In 2023 crews will continue with installing a new storm line in the project area and roadwork by the developer for 11 Street N.E. to the north of the interchange.

Please check out each page (below) for progress and impacts that may happen during construction. 

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About the Stoney Trail North interchange projects

North Calgary has continued to experience significant growth in population and traffic over the last few years with the existing communities north of Stoney Trail, including Nolan Hill, Sage Hill, Evanston and Sherwood Park, continuing to develop and expand. With the planned addition and development of the new communities of Carrington, Livingston, Keystone Hills and other developments in the area, further traffic stress will be added to the surrounding roadways and interchanges requiring improvements to the network in order to maintain traffic flows and support the development.

As approved in The City’s Investing in Mobility plan and the One Calgary 2019-2022 Service Plans and Budgets, The City is investing in improvements to multiple points of access along Stoney Trail. This initiative also includes upgrades of the existing Shaganappi Trail N.W. and Harvest Hills Blvd. interchanges on Stoney Trail and the construction of a new interchange at Stoney Trail and 11 Street N.E. This work is being done to support the Calgary Ring Road on behalf of Alberta Transportation.

North Stoney Tr. interchanges map

All the Stoney Trail interchanges are being constructed within the Province’s Transportation Utility Corridor (TUC) and will be owned, operated and maintained by Alberta Transportation upon completion. The City of Calgary is constructing these interchanges on behalf of Alberta Transportation (AT), following AT standards and guidelines.

Other Stoney Trail North Interchanges

80 Avenue N.E. flyover

Location: Stoney Trail and 80 Avenue N.E. 


In 2018, City Council approved the East Stoney Area Structure Plan (ASP), which included plans for a flyover across Stoney Trail at 80 Avenue N.E. The primary purpose of this flyover is to reduce fire service response times from Station 32 to the East Stoney Area and the overpass was considered a requirement for area development to proceed.

The flyover will be a two-way, single lane bridge that will be operated by traffic signals and automated gates on each end to control the direction of travel for emergency and transit vehicles and prevent public vehicles from accessing the flyover.  The flyover also includes a multiuse pathway on the southside to accommodate pedestrians and cyclists.

See the project page for more details

Shaganappi Trail N.W.

Location: Stoney Trail and Shaganappi Trail N.W.


The existing interchange at Stoney Trail and Shaganappi Trail N.W. was constructed in 2006-2007 and is three lanes wide, with two lanes southbound and a single lane northbound. This project will upgrade the interchange by building a second three-lane bridge adjacent to the existing north-south bridge, providing three travel lanes in each direction once completed. The final interchange will provide a multi-use pathway which will connect to pathways on both the north and south sides of Stoney Trail.

In addition to upgrading the interchange, this project also includes an upgrade to the Shaganappi Trail/Hidden Valley Drive intersection to facilitate better access to and from the community.

See the project page for more details

Harvest Hills Blvd.

Location: Stoney Trail and Harvest Hills Blvd.

Description: The existing interchange was constructed in 2010 and is three lanes wide, with two lanes northbound and a single lane southbound. This project will upgrade the interchange by building a second three-lane bridge adjacent to the existing north-south bridge, providing three travel lanes in each direction once completed. For those wanting to walk or cycle across Stoney Trail, the final interchange will include a multi-use path which will connect to existing and future pathways.

See the project page for more details

11 Street N.E.

Location: Stoney Trail and 11 Street N.E.

Description: A new interchange is being designed in this location to support future development and to improve mobility and connectivity within north Calgary. Significant growth is anticipated in the Stoney Industrial and Keystone Hills areas immediately surrounding Stoney Trail and 11 Street N.E.

See the project page for more details

About the Calgary Ring Road

Calgary's Ring Road is located within The Province's Transportation Utility Corridor (TUC) and is operated and maintained by the Government of Alberta through Alberta Transportation. The northwest, northeast, and southeast sections of the Ring Road (Stoney Trail) are completed and in use. Construction on the southwest and west sections are currently underway.

When the Calgary Ring Road is complete, it will provide 101 kilometers of free-flow travel around Calgary and contribute to safe and easy movement of goods and people in and around the city.

Project timelines

  • Construction of 14 Street N.W. interchange: COMPLETE
  • Construction of Shaganappi Trail N.W. interchange upgrades: Summer 2021 – Spring 2023
  • Construction of Harvest Hills Blvd N. interchange upgrades: Summer 2021 – Spring 2023
  • Construction of 11 Street N.E. interchange: Summer 2021 – Summer 2023
  • Construction of 80 Avenue N.E. flyover: Summer 2022 – Fall 2023

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