Temporary Front Driveway Covers Pilot

Project Update - November 10, 2021

Please note that applications to this Pilot are no longer being accepted.

On 2021 June 21, Council directed Administration through a Notice of Motion to establish a Pilot for temporary front driveway covers. The pilot will accept a minimum of 10 and up to a maximum of 30 residents willing to work with a contractor to participate in the Pilot. Residents will allow the contractor to place a temporary front driveway cover on their driveway. The Pilot will be in place from November 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022.

As part of the Pilot, The City is providing a Framework for the Pilot, process for Application and will select the Participant Contractors. However, The City will not be responsible for any cost or expense in relation to the Pilot. All associated costs and fees to participate are the responsibility of the Participant Contractors and Homeowners/Renters who participate in the Pilot.

The Pilot will also address feedback requirements outlined in the Notice of Motion, including:

  1. Participant Contractors will develop, conduct, and report to The City on engagement with the immediate neighbours of participant Homeowners/Renters.
  2. A follow-up survey conducted by The City to evaluate the perception of the impact of the temporary front driveway covers on the neighbourhood.

How to apply

  1. Interested Contractors should complete and submit their application and supporting documentation by the required Application Date - 11:59 pm MST, October 18, 2021.

  2. The City will review all applications and ensure Contractors meet all requirements. The City will select and notify up to a maximum of three (3) eligible Applicants as Participant Contractors for the Pilot.

  3. Participant Contractors are required to secure eligible Homeowner Participants/Renters. The participant homeowner/renter is required to provide a completed waiver and release form (see Homeowner waiver).

  4. If a minimum of 10 total property locations, that meet eligibility requirements, are secured the Participant Contractors must then apply for the required Development Permits for each property. 
    • Note that if an appeal is filed with the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board, the Participant Contractor/Homeowner are responsible for addressing the appeal. 
    • At the point a Development Permit is applied for, plans will be posted online prior to a decision being rendered by The City.

  5. Participant Contractors are required to engage with the neighbours of the participant Homeowners/Renters to obtain their feedback and report this information to The City.

When will this Pilot be taking place?

The Pilot will run from November 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022 as outlined in the Notice of Motion.

What is a temporary front driveway cover?

A Temporary Front Driveway Cover is defined as a portable outdoor structure or a portable covering designed to offer vehicle shelter that is appropriately and safely anchored. For the purpose of the Development Permit, this will be considered a Relaxation: Accessory Residential Building located in the front setback area of an existing driveway.

Can a homeowner apply for their own permits to do this?

No. For this Pilot, homeowners will need to work with a Participant Contractor.

Where will these be located?

The exact property locations will be confirmed as the Pilot progresses. Ideally, property locations will be clustered in 1 to 3 neighbourhoods, within the same Ward boundary and/or quadrant​. 

I am a renter; can I participate in this Pilot project?

Renters can participate if the homeowner also provides authorization and signs the release and waiver.

How will this Pilot project be assessed?

The Pilot will be assessed in various ways, including:

  • The Pilot application process
  • Development Permit application process
  • Monitor 311 calls and service requests
  • Feedback gathered from Pilot participants
  • Neighbour engagement by the Participant Contractors
  • A post-Pilot survey

Information gathered by The City throughout the Pilot will assist in determining whether, and under what circumstances, Temporary Front Driveway Covers may be considered for future use after the Pilot ends. The information gathered by The City throughout the Pilot will be used as the basis of a report on the Pilot in Q2 2022.

What are the parameters of the Pilot?

  • A minimum of 10 and a maximum of 30 property locations are required for the Pilot to proceed.
  • Property locations must meet eligibility requirements:
    • Current designation and use of the property for low density residential use.
    • Property locations should be clustered in 1 to 3 neighbourhoods, ideally within the same Ward boundary and/or quadrant.
    • Temporary Front Driveway Covers will be installed on an existing, legal front driveway.
    • Other parameters that may be required the Development Authority, including those related to safety.
  • Renters can participate if the Homeowner also provides authorization, acknowledgement, and agreement to the terms of the Pilot, and an executed release and waiver.
  • Participant Contractors and Homeowners/Renters must be willing to agree to several requirements for participation in the Pilot, including:
    • Acknowledgement and agreement to the Pilot terms.
    • Signing a release and waiver.
    • Responsibility for paying all fees and costs associated with the Pilot and the Temporary Driveway Cover. Including, but not limited to, any costs related to informing potential Homeowner Participants and adjacent neighbours about participation in the Pilot, and further engagement to gather feedback and report to The City.

What are the eligibility requirements for Contractors who are interested in participating?

To be eligible for participation in the Pilot, Contractors must provide supporting documentation, showing that they can meet and continue to comply with the following requirements as outlined in Section 2 of the Framework:

  1. Insurance coverage acceptable to The City, as set out in Appendix B to this Framework.
  2. Current and up to date WCB coverage, as evidenced by a WCB clearance letter.
  3. Current COR/SECOR certification (or equivalent).
  4. Valid City of Calgary Business License.
  5. Proof of registration to carry on business in the Province of Alberta.

Contractors must have a minimum of two (2) years of experience as a general contractor in a similar field. Experience can be demonstrated by submitting a general reference document that includes information about dates, clients and project details.

Contractors must provide a fully executed waiver and release, found in Appendix C.

Contractors must provide their acknowledgment and agreement to the terms of the Framework and the Pilot as set out in Section 3A of this Framework.

Contractors must agree to comply with section 4 and 6.3 of The City of Calgary’s Supplier Code of Conduct Policy.

This information has no legal status and cannot be used as an official interpretation of the various bylaws, codes and regulations currently in effect. The City of Calgary accepts no responsibility to persons relying solely on this information. Web pages are updated periodically. ​