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Project update – July 2024

Here are the latest updates on project scope, construction timeline, and next steps.

Project scope clarification

Initially, we planned a protected two-way wheeling lane on the north side of 15 Avenue between 12 Street S.W. and southbound Macleod Trail.

After further review, we have shifted the project one block east, extending from 11 Street S.W. to northbound Macleod Trail. This adjustment ensures better connectivity with the future entertainment district and the LRT.

Project schedule update


  • Summer:
    • Finalize design.
    • Watermain cathodic protection upgrades are scheduled to start in August.
  • Fall:
    • Present final design at virtual information session.
    • Enabling works contractor will be completing concrete repairs along 14 Avenue in advance of Mobility Improvements construction in 2025.
    • Enabling works contractor will be modifying traffic signals along 15 Avenue in advance of Mobility Improvements construction in 2025. 
    • Watermain cathodic protection upgrades are scheduled for completion in October. 
    • We will hire the contractor who will deliver the Mobility Improvements in 2025. 


  • Construction of Mobility Improvements

Next steps

Finalizing design: Throughout this summer, we will complete the design and notify affected properties about new loading zones and adjustments to waste/recycling pick-up. We will also confirm the schedule for enabling works and provide updates later in 2024 on the enabling works timelines and potential impacts.

Fall virtual information session: Join us on September 10, 2024 between 6 p.m. and 7 p.m. for a virtual information session where we will present the final design and discuss the construction timeline and potential impacts in detail. Look out for more information on how to participate.

For questions or concerns, contact us at Stay updated on the virtual information session and project news by visiting our project page or subscribing for updates.

Project scope

As funding has now been secured for the next phase of this project, we will be
completing the following work:

  • Upgrading the existing painted wheeling lane to provide a protected two-way
    wheeling lane on the north side of 15 Avenue S between 11 Street S.W. and
    northbound Macleod Trail. This will require the removal of parking on the
    north side of the road.
  • Changing the 14 Avenue S corridor back to a two-way road. Parking will be
    maintained on both sides of 14 Avenue S, and the existing painted
    wheeling lane will be removed.
  • Repaving both corridors as part of this project between 14 Street S.W. and Macleod Trail.
  • Upgrading existing streetlights and wheelchair ramps along both corridors.
  • Replacing the water main on 15 Avenue S from 6 Street S.W. to 8 Street S.W.
    Additionally, we’ll be implementing cathodic protection to preserve the pipes
    beneath the corridor. Cathodic protection helps prevent corrosion and
    extends the lifespan of underground infrastructure.

Project background

As part of the 17 Avenue S.W. Construction Project, detours were required along 14 Avenue and 15 Avenue. Both corridors were temporarily converted to one-way roads, allowing westbound travel on 14 Avenue and eastbound travel on 15 Avenue between 1 Street S.E. and 12 Street S.W.

Despite maintaining parking on both sides of the road, the corridors' width encouraged speeding. Consequently, interested parties urged the City to enhance the experience for pedestrians and cyclists. In response, one-way wheeling lanes (for bicycles, scooters, etc.) were installed in the direction of traffic to provide consistent wheeling facilities and narrow the vehicular travel lanes.

We collected data, reviewed operations, and gathered feedback from Calgarians in 2020 and 2021 to develop a design recommendation for permanent infrastructure along the 14 and 15 Avenue S corridors. We are now moving forward with constructing the permanent infrastructure.

Project alignment with Council priorities

This project supports Calgary's council priorities by:

  • Enhancing safety and accessibility: Dedicated wheeling lanes for bike, scooter and skateboard users improve safety by providing protected spaces.
  • Promoting social equity: Protected wheeling lanes offer cost-effective, healthy, and inclusive transportation options, enhancing citywide accessibility goals and equitable access to transportation.
  • Addressing climate goals: Encouraging wheeling and walking reduces greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to Calgary’s climate resilience efforts.
  • Strategic infrastructure investments: This initiative is part of a broader strategy to invest in Calgary's infrastructure, improving safety, reducing congestion, and fostering a healthier community.

Project funding

The project has $10 million in funding secured for design and construction. This project is being jointly funded by the Government of Canada using the Active Transportation Fund and The City of Calgary under Calgary’s Pathway and Bikeway Network (5A) program and the Downtown Strategy program. These programs fund active infrastructure to make our neighborhoods safer, more inclusive, and accessible for everyone.

Frequently asked questions

Will parking be impacted along 15 Avenue?

We will need to remove parking on the north side of the 15 Avenue corridor between 12 Street S.W. and Macleod Trail.

We recognize that the reduction in parking is challenging, especially given the current demand. While alternative parking solutions may not be available, we are committed to working with residents and businesses to minimize disruptions:

  • Loading Zones and Accessible Parking: We will ensure that essential loading zones and Accessible Parking are relocated to continue serving residents and businesses effectively.

How was the public engagement used?

In 2020 and 2021, there was public engagement conducted to gather feedback on the challenges and benefits of the 14 and 15 Avenue S corridors. Concept options were then presented to the public. We incorporated the feedback received, along with technical recommendations, to develop the final design for 14 and 15 Avenue S. Mobility Improvements project. Feedback and preferences from both phases of engagement were used in the development of the final design plans.

Read the What We Heard Report Here.

Community collaboration

Throughout the design process, we have collaborated closely with community partners, including neighborhood and community associations, the business improvement area, property managers, and condo boards. This collaboration ensures that community insights and concerns are considered as the project progresses towards construction.

We remain committed to ongoing communication with our community partners as this project continues to evolve.

Project timeline

  • Engagement:
    • Phase 1: Identification (September 2020)
    • Phase 2: Prioritization (January 2021)
  • Concept design: Complete
  • Detailed design, enabling works, and Information sharing: 2023/2024 *We are here*
  • Construction starts: 2025


We incorporated the feedback received, along with technical recommendations, to develop the design for this project.

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$10 million


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