Neighbourhood Streets - New project requests

The City is currently examining how we can make the citizen request process for street improvements more user friendly, more transparent and that it collects the right details to give the best understanding of citizen concerns. For now, please continue to share your ideas that will improve walking and wheeling in your neighbourhood through 311 and stay tuned for more information on the new citizen request process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Neighbourhood Street?

A neighbourhood street is a street you might live on or the one near you with local shops and your closest bus stop. There is a lot of activity that belongs on neighbourhood streets like moving, connecting with neighbours and gardening or mowing the lawn. Neighbourhood streets work well when everyone can move safely and comfortably.​

What makes a street livable?

Calgarians value streets that feel safe and that are welcoming to all ages, support a variety of travel choices, fun and healthy lifestyles, and streets that enhance local destinations through the right public amenities.​


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