Neighbourhood Streets - Current projects

Neighbourhood Streets Current projects

To test the Neighbourhood Streets Policy, we collaborated with a variety of communities to improve their streets.

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What are the different scales of projects this policy is being tested on?


In partnership with multi-community planning activities in the North Hill, Heritage, and Westbrook planning areas, we will explore safety and liveability issues with area residents to identify short-term actions and longer-term strategies to address existing and emerging concerns.


We will work with several communities that are not facing significant redevelopment pressure to develop community level plans including short-term actions at high-priority locations and longer-term strategies to improve safety and liveability over time.


Using quick action tools, we will test solutions for local issues (at a corner or along a particular street) that will not broadly impact a community.

Is your street liveable?

Help us identify the street changes needed for better walking and wheeling. Share your ideas!

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