West Elbow community improvements

West Elbow community improvements

As established communities grow and change, improvements are needed to support that change.

The Established Area Growth and Change (EAGCS) Strategy invests in our existing communities so they can be vibrant and successful for decades to come. It supports communities and local businesses where growth and changes are happening and connects planning, financial, and investment decisions.

In the coming years, four EAGCS Phase 1 projects will be active between Sarcee Trail S.W. and the Elbow River, and 17 Avenue S.W. and 50 Avenue S.W. These West Elbow Community Improvement project will introduce or upgrade the public realm, focusing on sidewalks, pathways, intersections, parks, and more. To learn more about a specific project, click on the project tiles below.

Active projects

These projects will provide neighbourhoods with safe, easy, and accessible mobility options, enhance access to local businesses, and improve the public realm/promote vibrant and desirable outdoor green space. Once constructed, these improvements will encourage people to explore and spend time in the spaces within their communities and support continued reinvestment in communities. 

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