Aquatic facility guidelines

Aquatic facility guidelines


Calgary Recreation is committed to a safe and respectful environment. Your courtesy and patience towards patrons and staff is appreciated.


Class guidelines

Drop-in classes

Latecomers to classes

The safety and wellbeing of our patrons is very important to us. Our fitness classes are designed to include a warm-up, workout and cool-down. We ask all participants to arrive before the class begins, and stay to benefit from the entire class.

Out of respect for fellow participants, and due to the specific nature of the following classes, latecomers will not be permitted to join: Mind-Body, Yoga, Body Bars n’ Stuff, Pure Strength and Tethered Deep Water Workout classes once the class has begun. Arriving late is disruptive and can negatively impact other participants’ experience.

Swimming instruction within a City of Calgary facility

For the safety of all patrons, the City of Calgary does not permit individuals or external groups to provide swim instruction in our facilities. Swim instruction is restricted to Calgary Recreation qualified and certified swimming instructors. Arrangements can be made for private instruction by contacting an on-site staff member. Individuals or external groups suspected of providing swim instruction or exhibiting the behaviors listed below, will be asked to stop.

  • Demonstrating or explaining specific skills to an individual or a group either on the deck or in the water.
  • Providing feedback and correction to individuals or a group as it relates to a specific skill including assisting a patron with technique.
  • Writing and/or designing a lesson plan for an individual or a group.

Facility etiquette

Taking photos at City Facilities

Use of cell phones, PDAs, cameras, and other recording devices is restricted in City of Calgary Recreation Facilities. With staff permission, these devices are permitted for taking photos in public areas such as the lobby, arena, gymnasium, courts, class rooms, and party rooms. You must also have the permission of those who may be recognizable in the photos.

Youth access to weight rooms and strength training

Youth 13-15 can gain access to weight rooms by completing an orientation session or course.


The City of Calgary supports mothers who wish to breastfeed at our facilities. Breastfeeding is an acceptable practice in our recreation centres, including in swimming pool basins.

Pool supervision

Pool supervision

Children aged 8 and under must be accompanied in the water and within arm’s reach of a responsible person aged 14 or older. A maximum of 3 children under 8 must be accompanied by one person. Children 8 years of age and older may be left unattended in a pool.

Personal inflatable toys

Personal inflatable toys are permitted in the facility if capacity permits and with lifeguard approval. Baby water wings and tube rings on small children are permitted provided they are within arm’s reach of a responsible person.

Mermaid fins

As with other toys, patrons who wish to use a mermaid fin must speak to the lifeguard on duty first. Lifeguards will ensure that the mermaid fin user is a strong swimmer. The user needs to pass the following safety tests prior to using mermaid fins:

  • swim 25 meters continuously
  • tread water for two minutes
  • swim with confidence while wearing the mermaid fin

Pool snorkeling

The use of snorkeling equipment requires prior approval from the lifeguard. The lifeguard will consider activities in the pool and may require the customer to demonstrate the ability to clear the mask and snorkel without removing the equipment. The lifeguard can at any time refuse the use of equipment.​


Swimwear guidelines

Child swim wear

All children 35 months of age and younger must wear a swim diaper and plastic pants when using City of Calgary Aquatic Centres and Leisure Centres. Plastic pants are available for purchase at all Aquatic and Leisure Centre facilities.

Non-Traditional Bathing Wear policy

We are committed to providing an environment where people from all ethnic and religious backgrounds are comfortable visiting our pools. We want everyone to feel safe and welcome at our facilities, and have a non-traditional bathing wear policy.

In addition to traditional swim wear, visitors to the pools may wear:

  • Long-sleeved pants and shirts, t-shirts and shorts with undergarments or a swim suit worn underneath.
  • Traditional ethnic clothing (e.g. saris and hijabs) with a swim suit or undergarments worn underneath. For safety reasons, patrons wearing traditional garments such as saris are asked to remain in the shallow end of the pool and to refrain from using the dive tank.

To ensure that our aquatic environments are safe and free from any contaminants, visitors need to:

  • Wear clothing that is different from the clothing worn to the facility.
  • Take a complete and cleansing shower (while clothed in the swim attire that will be worn in the water) before entering the pool.

External Personal Training

For safety and liability reasons, The City of Calgary does not permit outside personal training from a third party provider at any site. Personal training at our facilities is restricted to Personal Trainers employed by the City of Calgary. Individuals suspected of providing personal training in our facilities will be asked to cease the activity. An individual may be approached and questioned regarding unauthorized personal training if they appear to be doing any of the following (but not limited to):

  • Explaining and providing exercise directions to a patron or group of patrons.
  • Assisting a patron with technique, or any specific instruction, but not exercising with that individual during all portions of the workout.
  • Directing exercise order or duration for a patron.
  • Assisting a patron with equipment and adjustments.
  • Writing and/or designing a fitness or workout program for a patron.